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Unveiling the Truth: Do Misting Systems Attract Insects?

  • 3 min read

Outdoor misting system

As more homeowners start installing misting systems on their patios, decks, and similar outdoor seating and entertainment areas, it’s inevitable that questions and misconceptions pop up. One of the misconceptions we keep hearing when answering our customers’ burning questions is whether or not misting systems attract insects.

That’s a good question.

Today, we’re going to explore why that’s a concern for some, put those concerns to rest, and guide you through how to minimize the chance, if there even is a chance, of that occurring.

Let’s get started.


How High Pressure Misting Systems Deal with Insects Directly


First, insects that are in the area being misted are practically immediately dealt with. They typically aren’t outright killed off unless they’re particularly flimsy bugs, but they are forced to land.

This is because, when the misting system is active, water is dispersed through the air. It’s so thin that it’s unnoticeable to you, and it doesn’t leave any moisture on the features of your patio or walking areas, but there are still water droplets in the air; when you’re the scale of a bug and reliant on paper-thin wings to get around, those tiny moisture droplets are a lot more of a problem.

The moisture droplets stick to their wings and make it impossible for them to fly. So, they’re forced down to the ground until the misting stops and their wings can dry out. That, or they don’t make it off their landing spot depending on how hardy they are.

This is the same process that happens when it rains. If you’ve ever noticed, there aren’t any insects around during a good afternoon drizzle. Except, with a high pressure misting system, the water being dispersed is so thin that you don’t notice it at all.



How High Pressure Misting Systems Prevent Attracting Insects


Now, with everything we just said still in mind, you’re probably thinking about what happens after a misting cycle. After all, rainstorms tend to attract a ton of insects when they’re done and over with. Well, there’s a big difference that keeps this from being a problem.

When it rains, there’s a ton of excess water left behind in the environment. It pools up in planters, puddles, and practically every nook and cranny around your home, and in turn, insects get plenty of standing water to enjoy laying their eggs in.

With a high pressure misting system, excess moisture isn’t a problem. The water evaporates instantly, and the water molecules that do make it to the ground are gone in the blink of an eye. There is no opportunity for standing water to build up and give insects a safe haven. So, they don’t get attracted to the area.

When combined with the fact that your misting system actively stops them in their tracks any time it’s on, this makes your property pretty unwelcoming to insects.

Outdoor misting system spraying plants

Not Just Any Misting System Will Work


You’ll notice that, throughout this article, we’ve been very consistent with mentioning “high pressure misting systems”. That’s a key point.

There are a number of misting systems on the market, and a lot of them are just traditional misting systems that only use your main water line’s pressure to disperse water. Especially the cheaper ones that you’ll find all over big box stores and the major online retailers.

Those misting systems do not provide these benefits. While they might not allow insects to fly while they’re on, they create standing water that attracts insects in bulk.

To get these benefits, you have to purchase a proper high pressure misting system that gets rid of the excess water issue.

It's okay, though. Not only will a high pressure misting system make your home inhospitable to insects, but it'll also work a lot more effectively than traditional options and seem almost like having an outdoor air conditioner. So, the benefits are a lot better all around.

Where to Get a High Pressure Misting System


Now that you know that misting systems don’t attract insects, you can make your purchase with peace of mind. However, high pressure misting systems are a little more complicated than traditional systems, and you want to make sure you buy a high-quality unit to ensure you get these benefits and minimize any potential issues. It’s not an investment you want to have to make over and over.

For that, you’re going to want to check us out at aerMist.

aerMist provides only the best high pressure misting systems available. You can trust that our misting systems will stop insects in their tracks, keep them from attracting them, and ultimately, provide proper outdoor cooling without creating any excess moisture.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of a high-quality misting system this summer, contact us today.