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How To Keep Patio Cool In Summer? | Best Solution In [2023]

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Learn how to keep patio cool in summer

How to Keep Patio Cool in Summer (The Best Solution)


Few things beat a quiet evening on your patio in the middle of summer; when all the lights go out, the night sky becomes dotted with stars, and the mood is perfectly set to sit and reflect, have a bit of downtime with your favorite people, or just enjoy a bit of fresh air.


However, it seems summer gets a little hotter each year, and without any sort of outdoor cooling system in place, those quiet summer evenings can quickly become unbearable; sending you back into your house just to cool down.


Luckily, there are a few solutions at your disposal. Some aren’t as effective as you’d hope, but one of them stands out dramatically.


We’re going to take a look at the different factors you need to consider when trying to keep patio cool in summer and the best solution to get the job done.


Let’s get started.


Cooling Your Patio: Different Factors to Consider


First and foremost, there are a few things you need to consider that will greatly impact your ability to keep patio cool in summer effectively.


Here are three of the main concerns you have to consider when trying to keep patio cool in summer.


1: Enclosures


First, you have to consider whether or not your porch is enclosed or not. If it is, you’ll have an easier time figuring out how to keep your patio cool during summer. It just closes off the area, and there’s less to worry about.


However, how the area is enclosed is also key. Some extremely simple enclosures are mostly walls made of screen material. Others can be sealed entirely like any other room in your house.

If your patio is fully enclosed, it’s possible to use an air conditioner, but there’s a major drawback to that, which we’ll highlight in the next section. Fans are also more effective in enclosed areas whether they’re sealed off or not.



A fan is not so effective if you want to keep patio cool in summer

2: Insulation


This is the drawback we wanted to mention about using air conditioners. Even if you can seal off the patio entirely, the lack of proper insulation in the vast majority of patio enclosures means that the cool air will escape, and your air conditioner will have to work much harder overall; that also means your energy bill will go up.


This doesn’t have much effect on fans or our top recommendation, but it is something to consider.


3: The Environment


Finally, you have to consider the type of environment you'll be cooling.Placing a ground-based fan on your open patio is bound to blow debris everywhere; cutting your fun short if you're entertaining people, and being outright messy even if you're just trying to relax on your own. At the same time, if you have a closed patio, you should consider whether or not there are largely screened-in sections, whether or not moisture is a problem, and if outside debris tends to get in such as dust and dirt; your cooling method will likely blow these things around unless it's ceiling-mounted.


The Best Solution for Summer Patio Cooling


If you’re a big fan of quiet evenings on your patio, you’re probably familiar with fans, and if your patio is enclosed, you might have even hiked your electricity bill up a bit to power an AC. Well, those aren’t your only options, and they certainly aren’t the best.


No, we recommend a misting system for patio cooling applications, a mist machine offers several benefits over the other two options available, and it’s a lot less dependent on the environment being set up a certain way.


Here are some of the benefits of looking at the misting system when deciding on how to keep your patio cool during summer.


1: True Cool


A fan just circulates air. It doesn’t actually cool anything, and if you have an open patio, all it does is blast hot air at you.


A mist machine, on the other hand, actually cools the air by injecting a steady, yet extremely small, amount of water into the air. The cool water evaporates and sucks heat energy from air in order to change state from liquid to gas. This process, called evaporative cooling, helps lower the temperature of the patio, and of course, yourself as well.




2: No Mess


With a fan or window unit, you have to worry about ground debris being pulled into your patio. A fan is much more obvious about this. It just sprays debris everywhere. With an AC, filters block that debris from entering, but those get clogged extremely quickly.


A mist machine doesn’t do that. They’re ceiling-mounted, and that keeps them from pulling in debris; whether you have an enclosed patio or not. You simply need an overhanging portion of your patio to mount it on.

A mistying system is one of the best solutions to keep patio cool in summer

3: Environmentally Independent


Most importantly, a mist machine isn’t dependent on your patio having the perfect conditions available. You can have one in an enclosed patio or an open patio, and you’ll get the same great results.


This is because of two reasons.

First, the addition of cool water being pushed through the air cools you down regardless of whether or not the air is circulating at maximum potential, and as long as you stay in the mist machine’s range, you’ll feel great even on the hottest of days.


Then, you have to consider the mist machine's abilities to modulate misting that allow for pushing out just the right amount of mist for any given condition.


Try aerMist Patio Cooling Systems for the Best Patio Experience Available


If you’re tired of having your summer evenings ruined by the heat, don’t bother with inefficient cooling methods. aerMist misting cooling systems provide all of the benefits listed in the sections above, without any of the hassles provided by other, inferior, cooling systems.


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We make sure you enjoy every day of it!