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What’s the Ideal Type of Space for a Misting System? Unveiling Optimal Environments

  • 5 min read

Ideal type of space for a misting system

Misting systems are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. However, while they’re amazing systems with tons of benefits, they’re not the perfect solution for everything.


Mostly the factor you’ll need to look at the most before installing a misting system is the space you’re trying to cool. Misting systems work better in some spaces than they do in others.


Luckily, this is pretty predictable. So, you can get a good idea of whether you’re going down the right route or not without having to be an expert.


Here are the most crucial factors to consider when choosing an ideal type of space for a misting system.


Let’s get started.


1: The Square Footage You Need to Cover


First and foremost, you need to consider how much square footage you need to cool. For the record, misting systems can technically cool as large of a space as you want. The issue is that the larger the space, the more complicated the system needs to be.


You usually want to deal with the maximum square footage of 1000 square feet. That’s about the size of a smaller home. So, it’s plenty of space for 99% of applications without having to overcomplicate things.

Misting system in an Ideal type of space.


An ideal type of space for misting systems is fairly confined spaces such as patios, rooftop bars, outdoor seating areas, and similar applications. They're not as effective in situations where you're trying to cool massive areas with a single system.


2: The Environment


Since misting systems work due to water evaporating, they’re better suited to certain environments.


The most obvious place to not use one is in a cold climate. Even though high pressure misting systems force such a small amount of water over a large distance, if the temperature is too cold, the water can’t evaporate properly.


You’ll have to be realistic with your expectations and understand how misting systems work before using one.


Of course, you’re not likely to use a misting system in such environments for cooling effects anyway, but these systems do offer other benefits that might seem attractive. Unfortunately, they won’t work properly.


Humid environments can be a little complicated, too. The air already has a lot of moisture in it, and while a misting system will work properly, you have to design it and use it more carefully to avoid having water collect on surfaces.


The optimal environment to use a misting system is in a dryer climate with higher heat levels, such as Texas or Arizona.


It’s consistently hot enough to create the evaporation effect, and the noticeable increase in moisture is welcome rather than adding to an already sticky and humid environment.


This doesn’t mean that misting systems aren’t good options in other environments, such as the more temperate Midwest or the more humid Florida. Still, the optimal conditions are only around for limited times in those areas.


It can still be extremely useful during certain seasons and weather conditions and provide plenty of long-term value.


3: Enclosures


This is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for an ideal type of space for a misting system. How enclosed is the area?


Misting systems work by spraying a very small amount of water across a large area in a hot environment. The water is spread out so thin that it instantly evaporates, and the evaporation of cold water cools down the air particles around it.


Unfortunately, that also means the range of the misting system is fairly limited.


Partially enclosed areas, such as areas with overhead shelters, minimize the amount of space the system has to cool and help trap that in.


You also have to consider how climate-controlled air moves. Think of it like running your air conditioner and then opening all your doors and windows. Hot air comes in and lowers the cooling effect that you were trying to achieve.


A similar thing can happen with a misting system in a fully open space. There's nothing trapping that cool air in, and the surrounding heat can quickly ruin your results or mitigate them. Having some sort of enclosure that traps cool air helps dramatically.


However, there is such a thing as enclosing the area too much. Optimally, you’ll want something overhead and perhaps a wall or two, but fully enclosed areas aren’t compatible with misting systems. You’ll eventually see puddling, and it’s simply not a good idea to try it.


Common Areas for Misting Systems


Misting systems can be used in practically any outdoor space that matches the minimum requirements we talked about, such as not being fully enclosed, but they are most commonly used in a few key areas.


1: Patios


Patios are an ideal type of space for a misting system. They tend to have overhead coverage, and the backdrop of the home helps provide a reasonable amount of enclosure, as well.


They’re also typically small, and even a humble misting system for the patio is more than enough to cool the entire area.


Patios also make sense for misting systems. They’re the go-to spots for outdoor gatherings at home, and being able to cool those areas effectively means you can enjoy the patio even more.



2: Outdoor Seating Areas


Outdoor seating areas, such as outdoor waiting areas and similar spots, can benefit greatly from misting systems.


They’re typically not too spacious, and providing a little cooling for those waiting to use your establishment can keep them in a good mood before they engage with your business.


3: Gardens


If you’re a gardener, this is an ideal type of space for a misting system.

 A garden as an ideal type of space for a misting system.


Not only will you feel more comfortable while working in your garden or enjoying an afternoon sitting around your plants, but the misting system will get rid of plant-destroying bugs and add much-needed moisture to the air.


Where to Get a Misting System


Now that you have all the information about the ideal type of space for a misting system, you’ll need to get a high-quality system for your area.


For that, you should go with aerMist.


We provide all the best high pressure misting system components and misting kits to ensure our customers can enjoy high-quality outdoor cooling with minimal setup and reliable results.


To get started with your new misting system, contact aerMist today.