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Misting Systems VS Traditional Cooling Methods (Comparative Analysis)

  • 5 min read

Misting systems vs traditional cooling methods

Misting systems are immensely popular, but they’re still relatively new to most homeowners. So, many of our customers ask themselves just how much of a difference they’ll experience by switching to a misting system today.


We’re going to dispel any concerns you might have with a quick comparative analysis of misting systems vs traditional cooling methods.


Let’s get started.


The Methods Being Compared


First and foremost, we must define exactly what we’re comparing.


For the misting system side of this, we’re looking at the high pressure misting system. These are newer, more advanced, and overall better, misting systems that are pretty unique.


The lower-quality systems of yesteryear that spray water everywhere aren’t going to be the same.


For “traditional methods,” we’re accounting for fans, air-conditioned patios, and “swamp coolers,” which are cold humidifiers.


1: Cooling Abilities of Misting Systems VS Traditional Cooling Methods


The first comparison we will make is how cool each option makes the area. One traditional option does win in this regard.


If you have an enclosed patio with an air conditioning system, you can make the patio as cool as you want. However, don’t jump toward that as your first choice. This is the only time it comes out on top.


Fans don’t cool the area at all. They just circulate the air. Swamp coolers, while decent, only cool a very small area near the machine itself. You might see a 5-degree to 10-degree dip in temperature right next to the machine.


In comparison, a misting cooling system can lower the temperature of a large area by up to 20 degrees. Not just right next to the system’s spouts but across a large area.

Misting systems vs traditional cooling methods

On top of that, the system can be made as small or large as you want. So, you can easily scale it up if you need a larger area cooled.


For this category, air conditioners in enclosed patios can cool things down a bit more, but cooling a patio with a misting system provides plenty of cooling with a bunch of other benefits. 


2: Financial Comparison of Misting Systems VS Traditional Cooling Methods


In this comparison of misting systems and traditional cooling methods, a misting system is a clear winner.


A high pressure misting system is more expensive than buying a fan or a “swamp cooler” type of device, but it’s far cheaper than enclosing your patio and installing an air conditioner.


When you factor in that the two cheaper options don’t perform very well, it’s clear that you should choose misting system.


On top of that, the long-term costs of a misting system are low. Very little water is used to operate the system because it forces that small amount of water through very small holes at a high speed.


In comparison, the next best thing is an air conditioner, and you’ll spend thousands of dollars enclosing the area before you even buy the air conditioner, and that’s thousands dollars more.


A high-quality misting system isn’t cheap, but it gives you your money’s worth while still being a fairly accessible option for most people.


3: Quality of Experience


The quality of your experience with each of these items is dramatically different. It’s easiest for us to simply describe each one separately.


First, an enclosed patio can be a great experience, but you miss out on one of the core purposes of a patio. You’re not enjoying being outside and getting fresh air.


This is essentially a new room without all the fancy infrastructure, and it defeats the entire purpose of going to the porch for peace. You also lose the ability to do a lot of your favorite patio activities, such as grilling.


Fans are loud, barely do anything, and blow lighter items all over the place. In general, the quality of the experience you’ll have is bottom-of-the-barrel.

The cooler-based items can be loud, but at least they work better. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be right up on the device since the cool air doesn’t affect a large area in an open space. This limits your ability to use your patio so much that it’s pointless.


With a misting system, it’s like having an AC, but you don’t have to enclose anything. A large temperature drop keeps a larger area cool, the system is silent, and water isn’t even noticeable. It evaporates instantly. So, nothing gets wet.


These are the crucial benefits of using the outdoor misting system, and it’s easily the best outdoor cooling experience you can have.


4: Long-Term Maintenance Comparison of Misting Systems VS Traditional Cooling Methods


Right off the bat, you can eliminate fans and similar devices from this category. They’re so cheap that when something goes wrong you just throw them away and buy a new one.

Air conditioners typically don’t require much maintenance, but when they do, they’re costly. The main issue here is that you have to enclose the patio, which means you must maintain an entire room.
Misting systems vs traditional cooling methods - cleaning an air conditioner.

Beyond regular cleaning, there is infrastructural maintenance, which adds up quickly.


There isn’t much you need to do to maintain your misting system. All you have to do is change oil and water filters periodically.


The pressure pumps used for these systems last for years, and it’s fairly easy to get them serviced if need be. The tubing itself is almost maintenance-free. Overall, you get a far better experience with a misting system with less maintenance required.


What’s the Best Outdoor Cooling Method?


It’s pretty clear from our comparison of misting systems and traditional cooling methods that a misting system is the best option available.


You get most of the benefits other options provide and then some, it requires very little maintenance, and there are practically no downsides.


A misting system does more than just cool down your patio. It reduces unpleasant smells, gets rid of insects, and more. So, you get more than just a cool and comfortable environment.


Where to Get a Misting System


We hope that this quick comparison of misting systems vs traditional cooling methods has helped you.


If you’re ready to take the plunge by purchasing a high pressure misting system to enjoy all the benefits we've listed here, our team has got you covered.


We offer the highest-quality misting systems on the market and unmatched customer service.


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