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The Best Misting System for Patio [2023 Updated]

  • 5 min read

Get the best misting system that will cool your patio immediately.

The Best Misting System for Patio

Your patio is likely one of the most used parts of your home during the summer. It's the perfect place to cool down without running the AC nonstop, enjoy some time with friends, or just take in the natural sights and sounds while relaxing in quiet evenings.


However, with how hot summer evenings seem to get these days, a lot of people struggle to enjoy their patio as much as they used to.


Luckily, there's a cost-effective solution that can give you your patio back, patio misting systems can keep you cool, and comfortable, and enjoy your patio all summer long.


However, there are a bunch of options on the market, and not all of them are made equally. Today, we want to go over the best missing system for patioson the market and give you our top 3 recommendations, to help you reclaim your patio this summer.


Let’s get started.


Primer: What is a Patio Mister?


A patio mister is a lot like a big fan, except it uses the power of water to cool the air instead of simply rotating it.


Fans on patios tend to be ineffective because, unless you have your patio closed in, which defeats the purpose of going outside to an extent, there aren’t any walls for the air to bounce off of and circulate. So, sitting a regular fan on your patio won’t do much in the majority of situations.


However, since a mister injects small amounts of cool water into the air and creates a cool, comfortable, mist, the air is somewhat circulated, and it’s cooled down thanks to the evaporative cooling effect.

Now, the idea of spraying water on your patio might make you a little nervous at first. After all, you probably envision everything getting soaked and water damaged over time. Well, you don't have to worry about that. A high pressure patio mister doesn't squirt water everywhere, and it doesn't use it so liberally that it gets your patio wet. Very small amounts of water are used, and the water itself is barely noticeable; let alone prevalent enough to soak your belongings.


The 3 Best Misters in 2023


Now, we’ll go over two options that are really good for their price, and the best misting system for patio that we recommend over anything else.


Let’s get started.


1: aerMist Patio Mister: The Best and Most Reliable Patio Mister


The aerMist patio mister is our number-one recommendation. It takes an innovative approach to mist control by combining smart technology with pressurized, super-fine, misting technology to create a no-mess, low-maintenance, high-performance misting system for patios that you simply cannot go wrong with.


Unlike most traditional patio misters, the aerMist isn’t just a fan with a little tube hooked up to a water source, it’s a true piece of tech.


The aerMist unit uses a pressurized water delivery method to supply the mister with the tiniest amount of cool water possible, and it infuses it with the air. Since there is such a small amount of water used, and it's dispersed across the entirety of its effective radius, the water instantly evaporates. This solves the problem most other misting platforms have with leaving condensation everywhere, and it prevents the build-up of water even on the most humid summer days.


Don’t think that the instant evaporation harms its cooling abilities, though. It actually works to suck the heat out of the air and create a climate-controlled environment passively, allowing the evaporated cool water to naturally lower the temperature of the unit’s effective area.


Another key feature of the aerMist patio mister is its smart technology integration.

You can control the mist intensity, timing, and several other features of your aerMist unit directly from your smartphone.There's no need to mess with control panels, and since it's a smartphone app, you can start cooling your patio down during your ride home from work, and it'll be the perfect temperature by the time you get home. In fact, you can simultaneously, or individually, control up to four aerMist units this way; allowing you to cool multiple outdoor areas, one larger-than-average porch, or four different locations with ease.


The only drawback to the aerMist system is that you might need professional installation, and it can cost just a little more than other misting platforms. However, the performance-to-price ratio is through the roof, and you definitely get your money's worth. 



aerMist patio mister has smart technology integration and is the best misting system for patio

2: Patio Mister by MistCooling: The Cheapest Solution


If you're not too worried about getting things wet, and performance isn't your main concern, this simple mister can do the trick for less than forty dollars. It's essentially a hose with several nozzles that are mounted around your porch, you turn the hose on, and the mist shoots out.

There are some problems with this. First, your porch will get wet. It is in no way as efficient as the aerMist platform, and the clouds of mist it shoots into the air will soak you, your patio furniture, and everything else if it’s on for too long. 


With that being said, it’s extremely cheap, and you can install it yourself. Also, if you only use your patio for cooling purposes, you might not mind getting a little wet on a hot day. Just make sure you leave your smartphone in the house.


3: Hammacher Schlemmer 12”: Small Area Solution


This mister by Hammacher Schlemmer is a 12” fan that pulls water from a low-pressure source and supplies a relatively good amount of mist to a small area. This is similar to the large fan misters you might have seen at outdoor summertime events. As such, the mist does not instantly evaporate, and it’s not smart to use your electronic devices while in range of its mist. However, it’s not quite as messy as the hose-based system we covered. You won’t be drenched just by sitting on your porch.


This can be a good solution if you don’t mind small amounts of water collecting on furniture and clothes, and it costs around $180. So, it’s still somewhat affordable without having to invest too much into it. Also, there’s no installation. You just plug it up and cool down.


Which Should You Get?


We think it’s pretty obvious. If you can handle getting professional installation and are willing to shell out just a little more than what you would with the other options, aerMist’s platform is the perfect patio cooling solution. It is mess-free, flexible, and extremely effective. It’s the best misting system for your patio.