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Using Misting Systems to Cool Playgrounds: The Best Choice for Outdoor Cooling

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Using misting systems to cool playgrounds

Did you know that, while playgrounds are typically one of the highlights of a child’s life and offer freedom and excitement, 200,000 children require medical help per year due to playground injuries?

About 80% of those are from falls, but a large percentage come from sun exposure and the heat.

This also only accounts for injuries that were reported and not the multitude of children who have suffered from heat exhaustion and minor burns from playgrounds being too hot from sun exposure.

While we can’t help with adding shade or protecting children from falls, we do have the perfect solution for heat-related illnesses, injuries, and general discomfort, though.

Using misting systems to cool playgrounds presents a practical solution for ensuring children stay cool while they enjoy outdoor activities.

Let’s talk about it.


Why is Cooling Needed at Playgrounds?


Cooled playgrounds haven’t been a thing in the past. So, why is it a necessary concept, now?

Well, as we said earlier, while many injuries occur due to falls, there are plenty of injuries and illnesses that occur on playgrounds because of the heat and constant sun exposure.

Using misting systems to cool playgrounds - children playing in the park


Children become overheated and less capable of maneuvering their environments well, they can suffer heat exhaustion, and they can get burned on equipment that has baked in the sun all day.

Only 3% of playgrounds are fully covered to prevent this, and partial shade options tend to be away from the equipment itself. This means that children at play rarely get relief from the sun during the hottest months when they're likely to be at the playground.


Using Misting Systems to Cool Playgrounds and Help Children Avoid Heat-Related Problems


Using misting systems to cool playgrounds is a great solution, but you have to get the right one. You have two options. Low pressure or high pressure misting systems.

Traditional, low-pressure, misting systems present serious slip hazards that can increase the already high fall injury statistic because they spray water everywhere.

However, a high pressure misting system shoots a tiny amount of water across a large area, and it instantly evaporates. So, no water collects on playground equipment, affects any electronics that are nearby, or otherwise causes problems.

It also lowers temperatures in the affected area by up to 20 degrees. This might not block out harsh sunlight like overhead coverage, but it does keep children and equipment much cooler to create a safe play area.

This isn’t the only benefit that playgrounds can get from having high pressure misting systems installed, though.

This fine mist also eliminates odors, and insects that are annoying or might be carrying illnesses such as mosquitos, and helps keep moisture in the air, as well. That’s a lot of meaningful improvements to an outdoor play area without any drawbacks.


How Misting Systems Stand Out from Other Options


Misting systems aren’t the only option, but they do have several major benefits over other options such as shade structures, traditional industrial misting fans, and other options.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using the outdoor misting system.


1: Cost-Effective Option


A high pressure misting system costs roughly $850 to $3000 depending on the exact model, size, and options chosen when ordering.

If you use the misting system to cool a larger playground, you can expect the price to be closer to the higher end of that range simply because it’s a larger space with unique challenges.

However, that is still far less expensive than building an outdoor shelter over the entire playground. That can cost up to $20,000 or more just for the materials.

Not only do you get a solution that actively lowers the temperature around the playground, but you get it at a far more affordable rate.


2: Low Long-Term Costs


High pressure misting systems might use water the entire time they’re on, but they use very little.

If they’re only activated when they’re needed, typically in the hottest months between 10 AM and 2 PM when the sun is the most intense, the long-term cost is considerably lower than other options that require extensive structural maintenance.


3: Low Maintenance


Except for the pump that pressurizes and regulates the water, the vast majority of a misting system is simple tubing and nozzles. There’s not much to maintain, and even if something becomes damaged, repairs are simple and inexpensive.

The majority of the misting system maintenance comes down to basic care. You just have to clean the nozzles every once in a while, to get rid of mineral deposits and ensure that debris hasn’t built up on the tubing.

In comparison, shade structures need to be sealed frequently, wood needs to be replaced fairly often, and it’s just like maintaining any other structure.


4: Ease of Installation


Installing a high pressure misting system is extremely easy. When you buy our recommended system, everything just snaps together, and the tubing is bracketed to existing structures such as fencing. You don’t have to build anything or spend countless hours installing it.

Using misting systems to cool playgrounds - an installed misting system


In comparison, other options require professional installation that costs thousands. With a playground shelter, you’re essentially starting a fairly large construction project.


Is Using Misting Systems to Cool Playgrounds Safe for Kids?


Since children are involved, your number-one concern is likely safety. Well, you’ll be happy to know that high pressure misting systems are completely safe.

The piping is bracketed to secure structures around the playground. So, there’s no risk of falling pipes hurting kids if something goes wrong. No water buildup means playground will not get wet and dangerous, either.

Care does need to be taken when deciding where to place the pump system because children are curious, but with just a little forethought, you can position it and protect it from damage.

High pressure misting systems are extremely safe, and you can rest easy knowing children can play confidently without any added risks.


What Misting System Should I Use for Cooling a Playground?


Whether you’re using misting systems to cool a public park’s playground, a school playground, or even your private playground at home, your best option is an aerMist high pressure misting system.

You get modulated misting options, multiple options for the materials used in your misting system, and the highest quality system overall with aerMist.

To keep kids cool at the playground this summer, browse our misting systems at aerMist today.