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3. High Pressure Misting Pumps

Enjoy your residential or commercial outdoor patio with next-generation high pressure misting pumps. Wirelessly controlled and smart, our misting pumps are built for higher pressure, longer life and quieter atmospheres.

Misting pumps create a finer mist leading to an increase in the effectiveness of the entire misting system to cool outdoor patios up to 20°F.

aerMist misting pumps are outdoor proof and built with ceramic coated stainless steel pistons with an aircraft anodized aluminum body. Our custom design aircraft aluminum three-piston pump, combined with engineered rubber carriers and case, result in a very low operational noise(56dB for 150A and 48dB for 050SA models), up to 27dB lower than most other pumps. 

Onboard touch control buttons provide easy access to turn the system ON in non-stop mode or to switch it to be controlled wirelessly. iOS and Android apps provide ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

We made aerMist components with the highest quality and most innovative, and quietest technology, thus extending its life beyond other high pressure systems.

Improve your outdoor cooling system's performance and get cooler fasterwith our great selection of high pressure misting pumps.

Identify the size of the space you'd like to cool and choose your aerMist misting pump solution:

  • For a small, residential place - the aerMist 050SA is the top choice. It covers up to 400 sqft with up to 23 nozzles, or it can feed a single fan with just 1-2 nozzles.
  • If you have a large oasis or commercial space, the aerMist 150A is our most powerful solution supporting up to 50 nozzles and up to 800 sqft.