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1. Stainless Steel Misting Kits

Make a hot summer night feel like a cool fall evening - purchase a high pressure misting system kit to keep your patio cool - even in the greatest heat of the summer!

Our high pressure stainless steel misting kits are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Ultra-fine mist can make any environment cool, pleasant to stay in, and lower the temperature by up to 20°F.

Whether you want to enjoy a barbecue party in your home backyard or ensure your customers enjoy a meal at your restaurant - high pressure misting system kit is here to ensure maximum comfort.

Very durable and aesthetically pleasing, stainless steel misting kits are high pressure misting system kits with stainless steel piping, wirelessly controlled 1000PSI misting pumps, misting nozzles, fittings - everything you need to build a high pressure misting system.

The ceramic-coated stainless steel pistons and aircraft anodized aluminum body make your chosen high pressure misting system kit the most long-lasting misting machine on the market with minimal maintenance requirements.

We designed our piping systems with ¼ inch slip lock fitting for the most visually appealing misting system installation.

Our stainless steel pipes come in 24 inch pre-cut lengths with slip lock fitting grooves. 

Make the best decision for your outdoor cooling needs: choose the highest quality & the best technology - choose the aerMist high pressure misting system kit!

Check our stainless steel misting kits offered below and get your best misting system solution!