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150A Plastic Tubing Misting Kit

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aerMist Sizing Chart

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Enjoy your outdoor oasis.

  • Ideal for mid to larger spaces, up to 800 sqft.

    Our 150A plastic tubing high pressure misting kit comes with model 150A pump and all of the tubing, nozzles, fittings, and accessories you will need to install selected misting line length in "I" and "L" shapes. Please check "In The Box" section to verify you have the necessary fittings for your installation. Model 150A pump is our most versatile high pressure misting pump featuring:
    • Three self-priming pistons
    • Interval mode misting control with both mist and pause cycles in 1sec increments
    • 0.4 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) capacity
    • Integrated water supply sensor, pressure adjustment valve and pressure gauge
    • Anti-drip HP solenoid valve
    • Motor overheat protection
    • GFCI safety power cord
    Its ceramic-coated stainless steel pistons and aircraft anodized aluminum body make it the most long-lasting misting machine on the market with minimal maintenance requirements.
    Controlled wirelessly via mobile iOS and Android app.
    Available with both ceramic and stainless steel nozzle orifice type. Stainless steel orifice is more resistant to temperatures below freezing point but has somewhat shorter life. Ceramic orifice has longer life but will crack when exposed to temperatures below freezing point if there is any water left in it. Draining water from misting lines will not remove water from the nozzle, so if you live in areas where temperatures drop below freezing even for short periods, use stainless steel orifice nozzles. If your water has scale causing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron (defined as "hard water"), consider upgrading to water filter + scale inhibitor to prevent clogged and dripping nozzles caused by scale buildup.
  • Specifications
    • Power: 120VAC 60Hz 180W
    • Maximum Flow: 0.4GPM
    • Minimum Flow: 0.18GPM
    • Operating temperature: 40°F to 130°F
    • Storage temperature: 34°F to 130°F
    • Dimensions: 16.5" (L) X 8" (W) X 9" (H)
    • Maximum pressure: 1000PSI
    • Noise: 56dB
    • Oil capacity: 80mL
    • Water connection: 3/4 inch garden hose thread
    • Wireless range: 20-30ft in open space

    Max / Min nozzles at full pressure

     orifice size diameter  min nozzles  max nozzles
    0.1mm   (0.004 inch) 23 50
    0.15mm (0.006 inch) 15 35
    0.2mm   (0.008 inch) 7 17
    0.3mm   (0.012 inch) 6 14
  • Installation requirements

    • Misting pump must be installed at or above grade level, and away from direct sunlight and rain exposure. It must not be submerged in water for any period of time.
    • Water inlet  can be fed with water from the city water line (requires 3/4 garden hose male connection) or gravity fed with water from a bucket. Potable water only. Included polyether tubing should be used to connect pump to the faucet directly as garden hoses often react with chlorine in water and cause chlorine smell in misted air. Integrated water switch will shut off pump when there is no water present. 
    • Power: Outdoor rated 120V NEMA 5-15R GFCI power outlet is required.
    • Pump oil must be added before powering ON for the first time.
  • Maintenance

    • Requires simple oil change every 300-500 hours, or once a year.
    • Requires winterization for areas where temperatures drop below freezing. Water must be drained from all tubing and filters, pump and ceramic nozzles removed and stored at above freezing temperatures.
    • May require water, o-ring, and oil seal change after 1500-2000hrs (2000hrs translates to 7 years of moderate use or 3 years of very heavy use)
    • Filter change (if optional 0.5 micron filter is used) based on filter specifications. Filter cleaning if standard (included) filter is used is recommended at least once a season.
  • In The Box

    • Model 150A pump with basic accessories:
      • Pump oil 
      • Syringe for dispensing oil
      • 8.5ft 12mm polyether tubing with female garden hose adapter for connecting water source to filter inlet
      • 5ft 10mm polyether tubing with quick connect for connecting filter outlet to pump water inlet
      • Standard stainless steel mesh filter with holder
      • Quick connect to 1/4 inch slip lock adapter for connecting pump outlet to high pressure line
      • Spare o-ring seals
      • Plastic tubing cutters
    • High pressure misting nozzles (size, number, and orifice material according to selection)
    • High pressure plastic tubing (black color) spool, misting line length + 15ft
    • Rubberized pipe hangers (number of nozzles selected x 2 + 5pcs)
    • Straight slip lock fitting with nozzle port (same number as the number of nozzles selected + 1)
    • Straight slip lock fitting without nozzle port QTY 1
    • L type (corner) slip lock fitting QTY 2
    • End slip lock fitting with nozzle port QTY 1
    • Plastic tubing sharpener tool QTY 1