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From Backyard to Oasis: Embrace Serenity with High Pressure Misting Systems

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Backyard Misting Systems

In recent times, temperatures have been getting higher, there seems to have been less rain to cool things down and keep a good amount of humidity in the air, and as a result, a lot of you have probably felt a bit cut off from your backyard.

Well, that’s a part of your property that is known for making some of the best memories, enjoying company, and simply relaxing without staring at four walls all day. So, that simply won’t do.

What if we told you that you could reclaim your backyarddespite all those issues with a simple solution?

You can. It’s called a high pressure misting system. If you’re unsure what backyard misting systems are, here’s a brief overview of what they are, three of the main benefits they provide, and overall what that means for you.



What is a High Pressure Misting System?


We have far more in-depth guides covering the ins and outs of high pressure misting systems at aerMist. So, we won’t go too in-depth in this section.

Essentially, a high pressure misting system is a series of plastic or metal tubing that lines your desired area, and it uses a pressurized pump to force small amounts of water through that tubing and out of nozzles at specific intervals. Those nozzles spread the water out with a lot of force over a large area, and the water evaporates instantly.

If you’re wondering if misting systems are safe, don’t worry, they don’t get your porch wet or destroy any of the stuff you have on it. Instead, it uses the evaporation of cool water to create a pocket of cool air.



Escape the Heat Without Getting Wet


This is the most obvious way a high pressure misting system helps. So, we’ll cover it first.

As we said, a high pressure misting system essentially creates a large pocket of cool air by evaporating cold water instantly. This lowers the overall temperature in the affected area by several degrees.

This isn’t just a tiny area that leaves you confined to a porch, either. Depending on how much tubing you put down, you can extend that cool-air pocket to a larger area.

That means that you can simply cool your patio for intimate evenings with your spouse out watching the sunset, stretch it out to the grilling area for cool, comfortable, family gatherings, or even mist the whole area for more comfortable gardening or playing with the kids.

The only limit to what you can do with a high pressure misting system is your own creativity, and of course, your budget.

Best of all, since a high pressure misting system’s entire point is to instantly evaporate all the water used, you never get wet. It’s a lot like having an outdoor air conditioner with extra benefits and wide-open spaces.


Add Humidity to Overly Dry Areas


This benefit is an umbrella for multiple other perks. We’ll cover each one.

Humidity is how much water there is in the air. Since a high pressure misting system provides a steady supply of freshly evaporated water, it can be used to increase the humidity in the area.

There are two main perks to that.

First, that dry, arid, atmosphere that can sometimes make you want to go back inside and vegetate on the couch can be resolved extremely quickly. Within minutes, you can go from feeling like you’re in the middle of the desert to feeling like you’re in a cool forest with just the right amount of humidity to keep your skin from drying out or feeling as if you’re sweltering hot.

This does a lot to elevate the atmosphere of your outdoor area.


However, you can also enjoy a wider range of plants in your backyard. If you want to add a ton of color to an otherwise dry environment, you usually have problems. When you add humidity to the air around your backyard, and you maintain it, you can usually squeeze in certain plants that otherwise wouldn’t make it in your area.

Of course, that depends heavily on what your area is like already. You’re not going to go from only growing cactuses to suddenly growing palm trees in your backyard. Still, the broader range of options can have a dramatic effect.


Bugs Just Can’t Make It Around a High Pressure Misting System


Finally, a lot of bugs in the area are one of the predominant reasons you likely stay inside the house instead of enjoying your backyard. They seem to flock to all the backyard areas you’d otherwise love to take advantage of, and they ruin the experience.

Well, with a high pressure misting system, bugs are a thing of the past. Especially the flying kinds.

See, when the high pressure misting system evaporates water and fills the air, the water molecules are far too small for you to feel. You don’t feel wet, and you likely don’t even realize they’re there. However, they’re still huge to bugs.

Those water molecules stick to the wings of most bugs and weigh them down so much that they’re forced to land until the misting stops and they have time to dry out. This might not kill the bugs outright, but it renders them entirely useless while you’re trying to enjoy your backyard.

If you love backyard cooking but hate flies landing around your food, or you would love to invite guests over for parties on the porch but don’t want to annoy everyone with bugs, a high pressure misting system is crucial.

Backyard Misting Systems: Nozzle Spraying Water in the Backyard

Get a High Pressure Misting System, Today


As you can see, a high pressure misting system does a lot more than just give you a cool patio. Depending on how you set it up, backyard misting systemscan provide many benefits for your outdoor area.

In fact, you can go from a dry, hot, bug-filled backyard, to having a legitimate oasis on your property that is free of bugs, just the right temperature, and just the right humidity.

However, there are a lot of high pressure misting systems available, and if you want to turn your yard into a true oasis, you need the best.

Contact aerMist today, and we’ll help you explore your options.