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Misting Systems for Restaurants: Awesome Benefits & Advice

  • 4 min read

Misting system in a restaurant

When you think of misting systems, you probably think of patios, greenhouses, gardens, and similar environments. However, misting systems can be used in a lot more clever places than those. In fact, restaurants can use them to create some pretty impressive effects.

While the idea of having a high pressure misting system in a restaurant might seem novel, it can actually be beneficial; especially for certain types of restaurants with different seating arrangements and serve-yourself options available.

Here are a few ways they can help.


Keep Outdoor Seating Areas Cool During the Hot Summer Months


One of the best uses for a misting system in a restaurant is to cool outdoor seating areas. During the summer months, when it’s sunny, restaurants that have a great view and outdoor atmosphere tend to get pretty large crowds in their outdoor seating areas. It’s just a fun way to enjoy a great meal without feeling like you’re stuck in a packed restaurant.

However, that fun tends to come to an abrupt stop when it’s too hot and customers are more focused on the heat than the food and service they’re experiencing.

An outdoor misting system alleviates that problem and gives your outdoor seating areas a luxurious flare.

This is because a high pressure misting system tanks a small amount of water, the pump pressurizes it to about 1000 PSI, and blasts it through the misting system. Along the way, the water is dispersed by nozzles with tiny holes in them. This forces the water to disperse so thinly over a large distance that the water immediately evaporates; creating a cooling effect.

However, because the water instantly evaporates, it doesn’t get anything wet. So, your patrons aren’t stuck getting soaked or eating soggy food just for trying to stay cool. It feels a lot like sitting in an air-conditioned room, but you’re outside and enjoying the fresh air.

Overall, this keeps your outdoor seating areas open even during the hottest days; which goes a long way toward pleasing your customer base. However, just having a system like that installed also gives your business a more luxurious and high-end vibe. It’s certainly a feature that has a lot to offer to many sit-down restaurants, bars, and similar establishments.

This is the most common-sense application for a misting system in a restaurant, but it’s not the only place you can use one.


Exterior Waiting Areas and Smoking Areas are Kept Dry and Cool


Giving customers an outdoor eating area that is both atmospheric and comfortable is obviously a priority that greatly elevates your business, but what about the customers who are yet to be seated?

If you operate a high-volume restaurant that attracts customers from miles away and maintains long wait times for tables, you might be losing a lot of customers just due to the conditions they have to wait in to get a chance at experiencing your service. If they’re stuck waiting outside until a table opens up on a hot day, they can very easily decide to cancel their plans and head home.

However, the same benefits of misting system you get for your patio are true for your outdoor waiting area, too. Instead of suffering through the heat waiting to get a chance at experiencing your establishment, they can enjoy a cool, relaxing, area while they wait.

This goes for smoking areas or employee break areas, too. While typically not geared toward your customers, cooling these areas can be pivotal for your staff.

Kitchen employees are in the heat all day working close to ovens, stoves, and other necessities, and when they get their break, they head outside. On a blistering hot day, their break can end up being demoralizing, because there’s simply no escaping the heat even when they’re supposed to be relaxing.

By providing that much-needed relief, you can boost the morale of your employees just as much as you entice your customers, and in return, they’ll do their jobs more effectively.



How to Cool These Areas Effectively


We’ve already said a misting system is a solution, but the type of misting system matters, too. Traditional misting systems will simply spray water everywhere, and that’s not good for any of these applications. You don’t want your patio area getting soaked and ruining meals or customer items, and the other areas we described have to stay dry, too.

A high pressure misting system solves this problem. It uses a small amount of water and forces it across a large area so it instantly evaporates. This creates a pocket of cool air without getting anything wet.


Will a High Pressure Misting System Increase Overhead Costs?


With a restaurant, your profit margin is already narrow. So, we know you want to minimize your overhead costs as much as possible. Luckily, a high pressure misting system won’t increase those costs substantially, and the potential benefits can help offset any increases in overhead thanks to higher customer retention and activity.

Plus, customers who are capable of staying outdoors and enjoying your restaurant for longer can spend more on drinks and other items while they extend their experience instead of rushing out due to the weather.

The increase isn’t substantial, either. High pressure misting systems only use a small amount of water at a time. So, water bill increases are minimized.


Do High Pressure Misting Systems Require Special Infrastructure?


Similar to your need to minimize your overhead costs, you’re probably worried about the costs of installing the system in general. Well, you’re in luck.

A good misting system isn’t exactly cheap. It can cost several hundred dollars or more. However, that’s a one-time expense that provides constant benefits. A key point is that there are no special structural requirements. The system is simply attached to brackets that can line your building without any major adjustments or changes.

Misting system cooling the exterior of a restaurant

Where to Get a Restaurant-Quality Misting System


If you want to take your business to the next level with a high pressure misting system, aerMist has you covered. We supply the best quality misting systems available, and our reputation for top-notch customer service is unmatched.

Contact us today and experience the transformative benefits that a high pressure misting system can bring to your restaurant, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your guests.