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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Installing a Misting System Today

  • 4 min read

Cost-benefit analysis of installing a misting system

A price tag only tells you so much. It’s important, but what’s more important is to understand what the cost of something is going to get you. That’s especially true with more expensive purchases such as high pressure misting systems.

With misting systems gaining popularity in recent years as the best outdoor cooling method available, many of our customers do express a bit of hesitance.

To help give you a complete picture so you can make an informed decision, we’ve put together this comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of installing a misting system. We’ll go over the initial price, the long-term costs, and what you get for that money in detail.


Let’s get started.


The Initial Cost of a High Pressure Misting System


When discussing the cost-benefit of installing a misting system, first, we must tackle the initial cost of a high pressure misting system, which comes in two parts.

First, there’s the cost of the system itself. This depends on the exact system you get, but a standard plastic tubing kit costs between $850 and $1500 on average and depending on system size. This is a good ballpark number to consider when you start creating your budget.


Then, you have to consider installation costs. Luckily, you can completely skip this issue. Here at aerMist, we develop misting system kits specifically designed for our customers to install them on their own.


Everything simply pops together with a slip-ring system and basic mounting brackets, and that’s it. So, if you opt for our misting system, the initial cost only includes the system's price.


Long-Term Costs of Misting Systems


The long-term cost of a misting system is a little more difficult to pinpoint because it is directly affected by two main factors.


First, there’s the frequency at which you use the misting system. If you run it 24/7 for the entire year, it will raise your monthly costs by a relatively noticeable amount.


However, if you operate it when you need to during the hottest months, the impact on your monthly bills is almost negligible.

Cost-benefit analysis of installing a misting system

This is because the misting system uses a very small amount of water shot through a series of nozzles at very high speeds. It just doesn’t use much.


The second factor is the cost of your local water. Different municipalities have different rates, and the water used will come from your home’s normal waterline.


There are other costs, such as part replacements if something does go wrong with the system, but the misting pumps last for years if you properly maintain them.


So, it’s not practical to lump that in as a long-term cost.


What You Get for Your Money


Now that you have a rough idea of the cost-benefit of installing a misting system, let’s go over everything you gain from the purchase.


1: A Cooler Outdoor Area


When the misting system is on, you can expect the temperature in the surrounding area to cool by up to 20 degrees. On a sweltering 100-degree day, you can feel like you’re sitting in an air-conditioned room while you’re outside enjoying the fresh air.


This is superior cooling to every other cooling method on the market other than enclosing your patio and air conditioning it, and that defeats the purpose of going outside in the first place.


2: Water-Free Cooling


You might be a little confused by the title of this section since it’s a “mist” system, but it’s somewhat true.


While the system uses water to create the cooling effect, the water evaporates instantly, and you don’t even realize it’s there.


This is because a very small amount of water is blasted through the piping at 1000 PSI, and then it is forced through a series of misting nozzles with tiny holes in them.


This spreads the water out so thinly that the hot air evaporates it instantly. The cold tap water lowers the air temperature as it evaporates, and you don’t have to worry about anything getting wet.


This is a key benefit of using the outdoor misting system if you look at how old misting systems soak entire areas, and it’s what sets these modern high pressure systems apart the most.


3: Insect Removal


You don’t just get a cool outdoor area to relax in. You also get rid of all those annoying bugs that tend to be out during the warmer seasons.


The water evaporating into the air might not be noticeable to you or leave water on anything, but for flying insects, it’s too heavy for their wings. They’re forced to land as soon as you turn the misting system on.

This gets rid of flies, mosquitos, bees, hornets, and practically every other flying bug you can think of so you can enjoy your outdoor time in peace.


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4: Bad Smell Reduction


In the same way, the evaporated water is too heavy for an insect’s wings, it’s too heavy for scent particles.

When you smell something, such as the bad odor from a trash can, that’s because tiny particles are wafting around in the air and entering your nostrils. The misting system weighs those particles down, and they fall to the ground which makes it great for odor control. This completely removes the scent from the air.


5: Low Maintenance Requirements


With many other things people use to stay cool in the summer, there’s a ton of maintenance involved. Think about a pool.
Cost-benefit analysis of installing a misting system

You have to constantly fish things out of it, move heavy pool covers, change the filter, and adjust the chemicals. That’s on top of cleaning the whole area to keep people from slipping.


On the other hand, maintaining a misting system doesn’t require any of that. You may need to change water filters and pump oil periodically, but otherwise, there’s practically no serious maintenance to do.


Is a High Pressure Misting System Worth the Expense?


In this comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of installing a misting system, we covered everything that can help you make an informed decision.


The initial cost of a high pressure misting system can seem high, but the low long-term costs and exceptional performance that go well beyond cooling make it worth every penny.


To get your new high pressure misting system, contact aerMist today!