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Do Air Misters Improve Air Quality?

  • 4 min read

Hand holding a magnifying glass to check the good air quality

High pressure misting systems have numerous benefits. Most notably, and why most homeowners buy them, they can cool an outdoor space by up to 20 degrees F.

However, there is one benefit that isn’t talked about as much, and it’s probably one of the most important benefits for a large demographic of people.

Today, we’re going to talk about whether or not misting systems improve air quality, how they work, and some reasons you should buy a high pressure misting system.

Let’s get started.


Do Air Misters Improve Air Quality?


In short, air misters can improve the quality of the air in an outdoor space. However, it’s a little more complicated than simply setting one up and having what functions as an air purifier.

A misting system improves air quality in a few ways.


1: Removing Negative Particulates


Have you ever tried to go out on your patio and enjoy a nice summer night, but the smell of your trashcan, a neighbor’s bad cooking, or a nearby production plant sent you right back inside? That’s not just a bad smell. Most of those things smell bad for a reason, and the particulates you’re inhaling are not healthy for you. A misting system helps with that, though.

A misting system sprays a very small amount of water over a large area and forces it to evaporate instantly. However, as that water travels through the air, it attaches to those bad-smell particles. It weighs them down, and they’re forced to the ground. This prevents them from reaching your nose and being inhaled.

This helps remove the smell from the area and makes it more comfortable to enjoy your outdoor experience, but it also means that, when the particles are coming from something potentially harmful, you’re not inhaling those harmful particulates.

Depending on what’s affecting your area, you are avoiding off-putting smells at the very least, and in many cases, also avoiding harmful particles such as those that come from pollution and similar problems.

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2: Increased Humidity


Sometimes, dry air is optimal. However, if it’s too dry, there are still negative consequences to breathing it in all the time. That’s why people who live in the dryest areas still end up going inside even though they’re not suffering in the same way people from Florida or another very humid place would during the heat.

A misting system can help with that because it adds water to the air. It doesn’t make the area feel like a swamp or tropical region where the humidity makes the heat much worse, but it does add enough moisture to the air to make it more comfortable, cool, and relaxing than if you weren’t to have one.

For some, this is merely a convenience, and it makes their patio or garden more enjoyable. However, it’s also a necessary change for many people who suffer from a variety of breathing conditions, are trying to plant exotic species that can’t thrive in arid environments, and are trying to create comfortable outdoor seating areas because their businesses depend on it. This is a much bigger benefit than simply a luxury for cooling outdoor spaces.

Mist nozzle spraying cold water

3: Cooling the Air


When a misting system instantly evaporates water over a large area, it doesn’t just add moisture to the air. It also cools the air within that area. That’s because heat is taken away in the evaporation process.

That doesn’t just help you cope with a heat wave. It also makes it easier to breathe in that extreme level of heat.


Other Benefits of Misting Systems


Misting systems do improve air quality. Especially when they’re used in the conditions that they help mitigate the negative aspects of. However, they also provide several other benefits.

First and foremost, you won’t have to worry about insects anymore. In the same way, the water particles weigh down the particulates that cause bad smells and unhealthy air, bugs get weighed down, too. Their wings get so heavy with water that they’re forced to land, and they stay on the ground until they dry out or die. Either way, they stop being your problem. 

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Then, misting systems also help provide cooling without ruining your sensitive items in the area. Low-pressure misting systems of the past sprayed water everywhere, and while that cooled the area, it also meant you didn’t want to have a phone or radio anywhere near the area. High pressure misting systems don’t do that, because there is no noticeable water in the area. 
High pressure nozzles cooling the air

How Much Does a Misting System Cost?


High pressure misting systems aren’t cheap up front, but they are very cost-effective.

You should expect to pay around $900 to $3000 if you want one of the most expensive systems available. The overall price will depend on size, quality, the type of tubing and nozzles, and the quality of the misting pump you get.

However, the long-term costs are exceptionally low. High pressure misting systems provide all the benefits we’ve talked about throughout this guide, and they only cost between $30 and $100 per year due to their extremely efficient use of water and power. This is especially true if you only operate your misting system one or two seasons out of the year.

Overall, this means you’ll pay very little for cleaner air and a better outdoor experience in general.


Where to Get a High Pressure Misting System


Of course, if you want to improve air quality by using an air mister, you’ll need the best misting system you can get.

We are here to help with that.

At aerMist, we can go over your expectations, individual needs, and more to help you pick the perfect outdoor misting system for your home. Contact us today.