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The Exciting Future of Misting Systems: New Trends and Innovations

  • 4 min read

The future of misting systems

Misting systems aren’t new technology, but they have gotten a lot more sophisticated in the years since they first started getting mainstream popularity.


The last massive change was the leap from low-pressure systems that were glorified sprinklers to the modern, high pressure, misting systems we all know and love.


However, like most forms of tech, even the high-quality high pressure misting systems are changing and evolving to provide a better overall experience for homeowners and business owners alike.


Today, we’re going to go over some of the top innovations you can either find right now or will be seeing shortly in the future.


Let’s dive into the future of misting systems!


1: Smart Home Integration


This is one of those innovations that is highly predictable. As smart technology has developed and become mainstream, it has gotten worked into everything from doorbells to refrigerators. Misting systems are no different.


Smart home integration as a part of the future of misting systems


As new models are developed and incorporate smart technology, a whole host of new, streamlined, features become available that either weren’t available before or took manual effort to use.


Scheduling misting cycles, adjusting the misting system remotely, diagnosing issues without all the guesswork, and more can easily become commonplace features as smart technology develops in the misting industry.



2: Remote Controlled Usage


Smart features, while convenient, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, you won’t be completely left out if you’re against having smart features in your home entirely.


Remote controls are gaining steam in the misting industry, and they simplify quite a few of the core functions of a misting system. From modulating the amount of mist to turning the system on and off without messing with the pump, a simple remote can offer a lot of value.


This is becoming apparent, and you should see more models on the market that incorporate this basic, yet extremely convenient, technology.


3: Easy Installations


This is one benefit that we already incorporated into our design. So, we’re ahead of the curve.


Traditionally, installing a misting system required tools, expertise, and plenty of energy to get the job done. Now, at least with our high pressure misting systems, you just snap the whole thing together.


The most you have to do that requires any effort is install the brackets and make sure they’re set up properly.


This works a lot like a Shark Bite pipe fitting, but it’s not permanent or difficult to undo. You just snap the pipes together as you build up the system where you want it, set up the pump, and you’re ready to enjoy cool, comfortable, summer days.



4: Silent Pumps


Noise dampening systems are absolutely necessary. Some lower-quality pumps are extremely loud, and even high-quality competitors that are fairly quiet traditionally hum a bit.


Sound-deadening systems on pumps give you a silent cooling experience. Even the most sensitive ears can enjoy a cool summer evening with a high pressure misting system and not worry about humming, loud pump motors, or any of that.


This is a feature that is sure to work its way through the industry due to how much peace it provides, but it’s a more expensive feature to implement, and we offer it right now.


5: Material Improvement


In any industry, and in any niche, you can expect a dramatic evolution of the materials used and their implementation. The same is true for misting systems.


The materials used today are extremely high quality. Whether you choose one of our plastic or stainless steel systems, you’ll get a remarkably high-quality and long-lasting system.


However, we know that technology is always advancing, and one of the first things to change is the type of material used to make such products.


Material improvement as a part of the future of misting systems


When looking into the future of misting systems, eventually, stainless steel and PVC will be outdated, and when that happens, you can trust that we’ll adapt and offer the most up-to-date option available.


Currently, we offer multiple options to fulfill the needs of clients in various situations. This includes plastic, steel, and other options, but as we find new and more exciting piping and nozzle options, we’ll make sure to add them to our lineup and make sure you get the best product possible.


The future of misting systems is promising, and with the rapid pace of advancements, we are confident that new innovations will emerge in the coming years.



How Do These Advancements Affect Buyers?


If you’re wondering if you should wait or buy now, the answer is pretty straightforward.


We offer silent, modulated, and easy-to-install units right now. You can use our unit to achieve the same results as anything the advancements we’ve talked about will provide, but you don’t have to wait.


As technology develops, the features we’ve talked about such as smart features will be released, but they’re not quite there yet, and we offer the most up-to-date systems available. Like most tech, the initial runs of such tech will take years to become perfect, and summer doesn’t wait.


Your best option for the time being is a modular system that can adapt to the weather, your service area, and your needs without years of waiting for experimental features to be perfected.


Is a Misting System Right for You?


A high pressure misting system is a great choice for most consumers. Business owners with outdoor spaces can leverage a misting system for a cool customer waiting area outside the eating area, or even for employees on their break.


Homeowners can reclaim their outdoor seating areas such as patios during the hottest months and create comfortable entertainment options.


In most situations, whether you opt for a system with every feature we’ve mentioned here or not, a high pressure misting system is optimal.



Where To Get Your High Pressure Misting System


The future of misting systems is bright and promising and aerMist is leading the way.


If you’re looking for the most advanced and easiest-to-use misting system available, aerMist has you covered. We offer a tool-free installation, silent operation, and multi-choice piping material solution to your misting needs whether you’re in a commercial or residential environment.


Contact us today.