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Greenhouse Misting Systems: Revolutionize Plant Cultivation

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Greenhouse misting systems

Revolutionizing Greenhouse Cultivation with Misting Systems


Home gardening has seen a tremendous boost in popularity lately. Whether it’s to help fight off rising grocery costs, or simply another way to relax and find fulfillment, more Americans are taking gardening seriously than they have in decades. With greenhouse technology, it can even be an easy year-round hobby that never stops producing.

However, especially with a greenhouse setup, creating the right conditions and managing water needs can be a bit difficult for the average homeowner.

Luckily, there’s a way to streamline several aspects of your greenhouse and boost your yield to incredible levels with each harvest: A high pressure misting system.


What is a High Pressure Misting System?


Before we get into how greenhouse misting systems can revolutionize plant cultivation, it’s important that you understand exactly what they are. They’re not the same as many of the misting systems you’ve probably seen.

A high pressure misting system consists of tubing and nozzles that run throughout the greenhouse just like other misting systems you might have seen, but there’s one major difference; the system is hooked up to a pump that pressurizes the water coming through the lines and blasts a small amount of water throughout the system with a lot of force.

Usually, there’s about 1000 PSI behind the water being used. That's far more than your home water line produces with your run-of-the-mill misting systems.

This forces a small amount of water to shoot through the nozzles quickly, which are set up to disperse it thinly, and the water never gets a chance to fall to the ground. It’s spread so thinly that it evaporates instantly.

This is a key difference that makes all the other benefits we’ll talk about possible.




How a High Pressure Misting System Helps Greenhouses


Now that we’re on the same page with the type of misting system we’re talking about, we can get to the meat of the issue. There are a few ways that high pressure misting systems can help in a greenhouse environment. They’re similar to the ways that these systems help keep a patio cool in the summer, but they differ due to the unique environment created in a greenhouse.


1: Passive Water Management


Water management is a key aspect of growing practically anything. If you don’t water enough, the plants die. If you water too much, they can die, or they might start blossoming prematurely and stunt their own growth.

Handling your watering needs manually requires you to know what you’re doing to prevent both of those problems and traditional misting systems that spray jets of water also pose a significant threat due to their ability to puddle up in your planters and other problems.

A high-pressure system gives you precise, passive, control over your greenhouse’s water management. It increases the moisture of the room dramatically, and since there is nowhere for that moisture to escape like in a patio setting, it creates condensation that slowly and steadily keeps plants watered without a significant chance of overwatering them.

This is especially useful if you buy a misting system with plenty of automatic settings; you’ll rarely need to worry about how much water your plants are getting or if you’re overdoing it as long as you set the system up correctly.


2: Temperature and Humidity Regulation


Obviously, one of the main benefits of a greenhouse is that you can make the most out of any sunlight available. That’s why they’re so useful for producing harvests year-round.

However, they can also be used to grow plants that typically only grow in tropical climates. They help boost the heat levels, maximize sun exposure, and maintain any humidity in the greenhouse to recreate the climate of the plant’s native growing region.

With some plants, you simply can’t generate the same amount of humidity the plants need just by watering your plants normally and trapping condensation. You need a misting system to ramp up the humidity levels.

In a normal patio environment, that humidity tends to disperse into the surrounding area, but in a greenhouse, there’s nowhere for it to escape. So, it can recreate even the most humid environments for particularly exotic plant varieties to thrive where they otherwise shouldn’t.

Even without exotic plant varieties, this sharp boost in humidity can skyrocket growth if other conditions are met that are necessary for the plants. Although, you have to maintain proper humidity levels to keep from overdoing it in many situations.

Temperature regulation isn’t solely dependent on a mister, but the misting system will help naturally regulate the temperature in the greenhouse depending on how much water you’re using and other factors you have in place.


3: Less Hands-On Work While Attaining Bigger Yields


Finally, operating a greenhouse is a lot of physical work. Not only is there the prospect of building it, setting up your planters, and properly tending your plants, but the long-term watering needs of your crop can be extremely physically demanding if you handle them the old-fashioned way.

A misting system can’t eliminate the physical demands of setting up the greenhouse, pruning premature buds and stunted stems, or other tasks, but it can largely remove the need for constant manual water; which is typically the only serious physical labor needed in the long-term.

Whether you need to save time and can’t afford to go back and forth with cans of water all day, or you physically can’t keep up with that lifestyle, a misting system can be a major boon to you and your garden.

Woman taking care of plants in a greenhouse

Revolutionize Your Greenhouse With aerMist


A lot of work goes into cultivating plants, and greenhouse misting systems can help ease the process and enhance plant growth. However, your misting system isn’t something you want to cut corners with or take lightly. With such a crucial piece of equipment, you want the very best.

That’s where aerMist comes in. Whether it’s supplying misting systems to cool patios, humidifying greenhouses, or anything else, we have a longstanding reputation for providing only the best products and services to our customers.

If you want to increase your greenhouse’s yields and reduce your daily workload, contact us, today.