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How Outdoor Misting Systems Can Improve Your Quality of Life

  • 4 min read

Improving Quality of Life with Misting Systems

When you think of improving your home to get more enjoyment and comfort out of it, you probably think of common things such as updating your appliances, changing up the décor, or automating certain things. What a lot of people don’t think about is a high pressure misting system.

They actually provide a lot more benefits for you and your home than most people realize, and they’re more cost-efficient than many of the major renovations we mentioned.

Just the small change of adding an outdoor misting system to your property can completely reinvent how you experience your at-home life.

Here’s how outdoor misting systems can improve your quality of life.


Bringing Back the Patio Experience

One thing that was a staple in American life for decades has faded into obscurity a bit. The patio.

Sure, most homes have a patio of some sort, but as time has progressed, you don’t see nearly as many people enjoying their patios as they used to.

Whether it’s for an intimate evening with your partner, or a family gathering while the kids play in the yard, the patio has always been a place where people come together. It even makes a great place to just sit down and contemplate things by yourself.

The reasons for the patio falling out of popularity are largely the same things we’ll be talking about throughout the rest of this guide, but we’ll talk about the heat here.

 If it’s super hot outside, which it seems to be more often every summer now, people don’t want to go outside and sweat to death.

An outdoor misting system dramatically lowers the temperature on and around your patio to help you cope with heat waves easily. The best part is that it won’t even get you wet. High pressure misting systems evaporate water instantly and simply cool the area down. It’s like having outdoor air conditioning.

Outdoor Misting System Can Lower the Temperature

Smell Reduction

This is another thing that can keep people indoors per our previous point, but it affects your life whether you want to use your patio or not.

Smells from your trash bins, things the neighbors are doing, and other sources not only impact your enjoyment of your outdoor space but also make it unpleasant just to go in and out of your home. Just opening a window to enjoy fresh air can turn into an unpleasant experience, and it’s embarrassing when guests come over.

Outdoor misting systems actively stop scents from impacting your enjoyment of your home and make odor control easy.

Unlike sprays or candles, misting systems don’t mask the smell. Instead, they deal with the particles that cause them.

The water added to the air by the outdoor misting system will cling to scent particles, weigh them down, and force them down to the ground. That’s well away from your nose, and you won’t have the chance to smell anything.

Also, since those scent particles are forced onto the ground, they won't waft into your home when you open a window.

A Man Enjoying Fresh Air Thanks to an Outdoor Misting System

Insect Deterrent

Insects impact your entire at-home experience negatively. No one wants to go out on the porch when bugs are swarming them, they work their way into your home and become a nuisance, and some even get comfortable and start damaging your home to make their burrows.

But you might wonder, do misting systems attract insects?

Surprisingly, an outdoor misting system puts a stop to that every time you turn it on.

In the same way the added moisture clings to scent particles, it clings to the wings of insects and forces them to land. This way they cannot get near you or your home.

This gives you a reliable way to make it far more difficult for insects to impact your at-home experience, and it’s completely safe. Unlike insect repellants that contain toxic chemicals, torches that produce fire hazards, and electrical traps that can give you a quick shock, an outdoor misting system just adds water to the air.

Also, the water used by a high pressure misting system instantly evaporates. So, even the usual issues present with water-based systems aren’t a problem with a high pressure misting system.


Cost-Effective Results

High pressure misting systems aren’t cheap. You will have to put your hard-earned money into getting a good one. However, if you look at the benefits misting systems provide compared to the cost of tackling those issues with alternative options, the winner is clear.

Is it too hot to go outside? Well, enclosing your patio and using AC not only ruins the outdoor experience but also costs thousands of dollars.

Are bugs too much of a problem? Continuously paying for longer-term solutions such as professional services can add up quickly, and it never stops being an expense. Buying tons of products is another infinite expense. The same goes for scent management.

An outdoor misting system is one good-sized expense upfront, but then it just uses a small amount of water directly from your home’s existing water line. So, in the long term, it’s actually very cost-effectiveand handles all three of those issues simultaneously.


Getting the Right Outdoor Misting System Improves Your Quality of Life

To enjoy everything we’ve talked about so far, you can’t just get any random product labeled as an outdoor misting system. There are some really low-quality options that simply leave you with a soaked patio and a ridiculous water bill.

Instead, you need to look at high pressure misting systems.

These are unique misting systems that leverage pressure to minimize water usage and prevent you from even noticing water is involved. A high pressure misting system pressurizes a small amount of water, and then releases it over such a great distance that it spreads out very thinly, and it instantly evaporates. This leaves you with the cooling effect of evaporation, but you don’t have to worry about water damage or being sprayed in the face while enjoying the perks of the system.

For a high pressure misting system that meets all these criteria and improves your quality of life, contact aerMist today.