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How to Properly Install and Position Misting Nozzles for Maximum Comfort

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How to Properly Install and Position Misting Nozzles for Maximum Comfort

High-pressure misting systems are must-have luxuries in modern homes, especially in hot climates. They’re major advancements over the old cheap misting systems that spray water everywhere, and they provide an unmatched experience on your patio or any other outdoor area you’re looking to cool down.

However, while they’re amazing advances in cooling technology, a lot of our clients have trouble installing their misting systems in a way that maximizes their potential.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to properly install misting nozzles and position them in a way that helps you get the most out of them.


Why is Nozzle Positioning Important?


Your tubing placement will be a large part of this, but the alignment, proximity, and general positioning of yourmisting nozzles are all the main determining factors of the results your misting system provides.

While every part of your misting system is crucial for its operation, the nozzles affect where water is sprayed.

If they’re too far apart, they won’t create a solid pocket of cool air. If they’re too close together, you miss out on a massive portion of your system’s effective range.

Even worse, if they’re facing the wrong direction, you’re not going to cool the area at all.


Installing Nozzles in Your High-pressure Misting System


How you go about installing your misting system will depend entirely on the model you get. However, if you get an aerMist misting system, the process is extremely easy.

Let’s take a look.


1: Installing the Tubing


First, the tubing needs to be installed so that mist can fully fill that space when on, usually along the edge of the home in the area that is going to be misted. This is a simple process that involves mounting brackets and sliding the tubing into place.

With aerMist tubing, everything is designed to snap together and create a leak-proof seal without the need for any tools once the brackets are mounted.

However, there are two types of aerMist tubing. There’s metal tubing that comes in 2-foot sections, and there’s plastic tubing that comes in the form of a roll. That's cut to length by the person performing the installation.

Other misting systems may have dramatically different tubing installations.


2: Placing Tubing Correctly to Maximize Nozzle Range


The placement of tubing in correlation to the target area is also crucial. While high-pressure systems evaporate water instantly, anything within 8 feet might receive too much moisture and become wet. That’s problematic in entertainment areas because electronics get destroyed, and guests feel uncomfortable.

As such, your tubing needs to be set up at least 8 feet high up and at least 6 feet of distance between the nozzle mounting points and any solid surfaces that may be in the direct path of mist, with 10 to 12 feet being the ideal height.

Of course, you don’t want to place nozzles too high up, or you risk cooling areas you’re not going to be in, and you’ll just be wasting water running your system, with anything above 14 feet being too high up for most installations.

Proper tubing placement for misting nozzles

3: Nozzle Direction


Nozzles should be aimed directly at the targeted cooling zone. There’s no need to push them away. If your tubing is set up correctly and surrounds the area, nozzles pointed inward toward the cooling target will cool the area uniformly.


4: Nozzle Spacing


Nozzles need to be placed every 2 feet along the tubing line from the point that you want to start the misting process to the end of the tubing.

Obviously, you don’t need to mount nozzles every two feet from the pump and water supply all the way through the system. Only the part around the area being cooled.

Spacing nozzles out every 2 feet allows each nozzle to affect the largest area possible without overlapping with parallel nozzles, maximizing the effectiveness of each nozzle without over saturating the air with water.

This is made simple with our metal tubing since it’s cut into 2-foot sections. With plastic tubing that is cut to size by the user or installer, measuring the distance between holes is a slightly more involved process. However, it’s simple enough that the average person can do it without problems.


5: Installing Nozzles


Nozzles may be installed before you ever need to worry about them, or if you’re doing the job entirely by yourself, you’ll have to install them on your own.

With aerMist nozzles, the nozzles are capable of being tightened by hand, and they come pre-sealed to ensure you don’t have to mess with any finicky seals or sealing compounds. Simply screw the nozzle in, and it’s ready to go. Then, swivel it to a desired angle so that the mist fills your space.


Should You Install Your Own Misting System Nozzles?


Installing nozzles is extremely easy. If you can reach the tubing and twist your wrist, you can do it. Especially with our easy-install system.

You can also opt to have your system installed.

At aerMist, we make the installation process easy. Within 3 to 4 hours, we can have your new aerMist high-pressure misting system installed flawlessly, and you just have to enjoy cool, bug-free air all year round.

Why bother mounting brackets, measuring nozzle distance, and fussing with each individual nozzle if you don’t have to?



Contact aerMist, Today


Now that you know how to properly install misting nozzles,you realize that the process is a piece of cake. However, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance if you need it.

For a high-pressure misting system that meets your needs and requires minimal maintenance, contact aerMist, today.