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How to Troubleshoot a Misting System: Common Issues Solved

  • 5 min read

Tools for troubleshooting a misting system

High pressure misting systems are fairly straightforward and don’t require a lot of maintenance. For the most part, you set up your misting system, and you enjoy an outdoor cooling experience unlike anything else.


However, like any system, occasional issues can arise. Despite being typically minor, many users struggle with troubleshooting a misting system and resolving these problems.


Today, we’re going to go over the 6 issues you’re likely to experience, how to diagnose them, and how to resolve them. Let’s get started.


1: Clogged/Dripping Nozzles


This is the most common issue you’ll likely face, and it doesn’t actually have anything to do with the misting system itself. If you notice that a couple of your misting system’s nozzles are spraying any mist, or they’re dripping, it’s likely a full or partial clog.


This isn’t the misting system’s fault. It’s because of fine sediment in your water or “hard water”. Small particulates of sediment or calcium buildup block the tiny holes in the nozzles, and it can make it seem like your misting system is defective.


Troubleshooting a misting system - misting nozzle


Fixing this is extremely simple. You can either just simply replace a dripping nozzle or disassemble it submerge it into a descaling solution.


2: Pump Won’t Pressurize


There are a couple of pump issues we’ll talk about in this guide, but this is the simplest and most common issue. It’s the same problem as above. Either hard water causes calcium and various other mineral deposits, or fine sediment blocks the pump valves.


This prevents the pump from pressurizing, and water won’t be forced through the system properly.


Cleaning the pump valves will resolve the issue. More importantly, using right filtration and scale inhibitors will prevent it from happening.


3: The Pump Vibrates and Makes Loud Noises


This happens when air gets trapped inside the pump. Since air is compressible and water is not, the pump cannot push it out in a pressurized misting system. The air causes the pump to vibrate and generate louder noises, and in some cases, it can even prevent the pump from working at all.


Purging the pump of air before trying to use it again will prevent this issue, and if it’s already occurring, you should be able to clear up the problem quickly by doing the same thing.


4: Dripping/Clogged Nozzles Not Caused by Mineral Deposits and Sediment


There’s a second way for your pump’s nozzles to clog or drip even if you have well-treated water free of minerals and sediment. Unfortunately, this version of the problem is caused by a user error.


If you run your misting system dry or use it without having the water supply on, you cause rubber components to break down. Those tiny rubber particles are then pushed through the system, and they find their way into the tiny holes of the nozzles.


You can troubleshoot this misting system problem by cleaning the nozzles the same way as you would with sediment or mineral deposits.


However, it’s important to avoid this problem entirely. Not only do you experience the annoying problem of your nozzles not working properly, but you’re also causing undue wear and tear on the system overall.


This can lead to a shorter lifespan for the pump and other components, and it’s completely avoidable by simply using the misting system as intended.


5: Pooling on Surfaces


One of the primary advantages of a high pressure misting system over more traditional misting systems is that there’s no water buildup in the area that’s being cooled.


Such a small amount of water is used, and it’s spread out so thinly, that it evaporates before it can land on anything. That’s how it creates the cooling effect you love.


When you notice water pooling on surfaces, it can seem like something is defective with the system. Luckily, that's not the case.


While misting systems are straightforward, you have to make sure you’re using the right amount of water for the right duration, or pooling can occur. This mostly comes down to what the temperature and humidity are when you use the system.


Troubleshooting a misting system - using the right amount of water to prevent pooling


If there’s a lot of moisture in the air, or it’s a cooler day out, you’ll want to use less water than you would on a scorching hot day that’s extremely dry. If it’s hot and dry, you’ll need more to create the cooling effect.


This is why you should always opt for a modulating misting system. Systems that can only operate in one setting won’t be good options every day of the week, but with a modulating system, you can adjust your settings to match the environment.


Of course, nothing is wrong with the misting system, and you just need to adjust some things to correct the issue. There’s no need for maintenance or repairs.


6: The Pump Won’t Pressurize or Function and Air or Water is Escaping


This issue is one of the most challenging problems you're likely to encounter when troubleshooting a misting system. Regrettably, it usually arises due to aging components or improper use.


If you notice air or water escaping the pump, and the pump won’t work, you have a leak. A misting system has to stay perfectly sealed, or it won’t pressurize properly. When leaks occur, your pump has a defect. You need to get the pump serviced to keep using your misting system.


This will eventually happen regardless of other factors. All tech eventually fails. However, you can keep your pump running smoothly for many years if you put in the effort to properly maintain it, use it correctly, and store it properly during the off-season.


If you do those things, you’ll find that you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of your pump, and replacement purchases will be minimized.



Avoid Misting Pump Issues by Buying the Best


Troubleshooting a misting system isn’t as difficult as it may appear. Apart from the minor issues we discussed earlier, which typically only require minimal maintenance to resolve, you're unlikely to encounter any other problems except for the system reaching the end of its expected lifespan.


As such, it’s a good idea to get the best misting system possible from the start to ensure you enjoy outdoor cooling for many years to come.


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