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Importance of Misting Systems for Businesses: 8 Reasons to Install One Today

  • 5 min read

Importance of Misting Systems for Businesses

A misting system typically feels like a luxury or a residential item. As a business owner, you’re trying to save money where you can, and spraying water into the air might not seem like a legitimate use of your time. However, it can actually provide several major benefits.

A high pressure misting system can elevate your business to the next level and provide lasting benefits. Today, we’re going to go over the importance of misting systems for businesses, the 8 core benefits your business will experience, and the type of misting system that provides them.

Let’s get started.


1: Smell Reduction


This is crucial for any business. If customers approach your business and they’re met with a stench from trash cans, a customer’s spill near the doorway, or anything like that, it automatically paints your business in a bad light, especially for nonregulars.

Think about it.

What would you think if you were going out for a great date night, you pulled up to the restaurant, and the walkway smelled horrible. It wouldn’t matter that a customer tossed a plate of food into the bushes. You’d start being wary of the situation. Your customers do the same thing.

High pressure misting systems are a no-brainer choice for odor control. A misting system weighs down particulates that create smells. They end up floating down to the ground, and the customers can’t smell them.

This is a win-win situation. Your customers don’t have their first impression ruined, and you get a store that draws in more customers.


2: Insect Mitigation


First, a misting system will not get rid of the truly problematic bugs that come from poor business practices. We’re not saying that.

However, common nuisances are entirely eliminated.

Flies, mosquitos, and other flying insects harass guests while they try to eat in outdoor seating areas, and that ruins their experience.

Even outside of a restaurant environment, if flies and other bugs are a problem, customers will often turn around in disgust before they even come in.

In the same way, a misting system weighs down scent particles, it will weigh down airborne bugs and force them to land. Thus, they're not a problem.


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3: Cool Customer Experience


The importance of misting systems for businesses also lies in cool customer experience.

This is important if you have a business that frequently has customers outdoors.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of misting systems for restaurants. Whether you're hosting outdoor tables or you’re prepping the outdoor entry area where customers wait during packed nights, a misting system helps.

A misting system cools the area and creates an almost air-conditioning-like pocket.

So, your guests will have a cool area to wait or eat in, regardless of how hot it is. That does a lot for a business.


Importance of Misting Systems for Businesses: Misting in a Restaurant

4: Employees Have Better Breaks


Let’s say you don’t own a restaurant. In fact, you don’t even have customers who arrive in person. What type of situation does a misting machine help in?

Well, it can help your employees dramatically.

Whether you install one in the “smoking” area or you just put one around a general employee break area, it will benefit you.

Employees work hard, and when they get a short break to relax, that cool environment can make them head back to work with a much better attitude and willingness to serve rather than feeling overwhelmed, uncomfortable, and generally displeased.

When your employees are doing well, the company does well.

5: Reputation


Every little detail of your business matters. From the quality of your product or service to the cleanliness of the bathrooms. You cannot underestimate the small details.

A misting system is a luxury item, and it helps you exude luxury. This is going to leave an impression on customers regardless of who your target demographic is.


6: Plant Care


The average modern business maintains plants in and around the establishment. A misting system can help with plant cultivation. You can reduce your maintenance requirements for your plants with a misting system because it adds crucial moisture to the air to reduce the need for watering and temperature control.

 Importance of Misting Systems for Businesses: Plant Care


7: More Landscaping Options


Being able to create a beautiful landscape for customers to see as they approach your business is crucial. That's the first impression, and if it’s not spectacular, customers might turn around.

A misting system allows you to bring in exotic species for your landscaping needs, and they’ll make it look several times better in terms of curb appeal. The customers will also see those plants and associate your business with luxury.

This happens because most customers judge a business visually. If a business has an exotic look, they’ll flock to it.


8: Summertime Relief


During the summer, everyone needs relief. It’s just too hot to be comfortable. By using misting to cope with heat waves, you automatically trigger a thought in the potential consumer’s mind that you’re worth visiting.

Whether you’re a restaurant that wants to drag in customers to sell food to, or you’re running a small retail business and need people to come in to buy their necessities, having a misting system that makes the entryway to your business seem like a cool reprieve from the heat all around is the way to go.

That will impact a customer’s buying decisions.


What Type of Misting System?


Now that you understand the importance of misting systems for businesses, you probably want to get one for yours.

To be clear, we’re not talking about any random misting system you find. You need a high pressure misting system to experience any of these benefits. With outdated systems, you’re practically spraying your patrons every time they visit, and that’s bad for business.

High pressure misting systems are what provide the benefits we’ve talked about today. They don’t even get anything wet. The water that is used evaporates almost instantly due to the way the misting system works, and all you feel is a cool pocket of air in the affected area. This gives you all the benefits of mist without getting moisture anywhere near your guests.

Of course, you need a good misting system to achieve that effect.

That’s where aerMist comes in. aerMist offers top-quality high pressure misting systems that provide all these benefits and more.

If you want an aerMist misting system for your business, contact us today.