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Misting Systems for Rooftop Bars: Innovating Cooling Solutions

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Misting Systems for Rooftop Bars

A misting system is great for residential settings and even certain commercial settings such as restaurants, but it’s not limited to those settings.

In fact, a misting system fits the goals of most businesses.

Today, we want to talk about a very niche area of the business world. We want to talk about rooftop bars.

Misting systems for rooftop bars can be very beneficial, and in many situations, they’re the only solution to a variety of problems.

Let’s get started.


1: You Have Limited Cooling Options


The first thing to consider is that you really don’t have many options for cooling a rooftop area. Most rooftop bars are stuck dealing with outdoor temperatures, and in many areas, that tends to be very uncomfortable.

A misting system allows you to cool that outdoor area easily, and you don’t need to have access to any special commodities. As long as you can access a water connection, you can utilize a misting system, and that’s a basic commodity for all rooftop bars.

The good thing about misting systems is that they cool the area they affect, almost like air conditioning.

A tiny amount of water is shot across a large area, and that evaporates almost instantly. The cold water’s evaporation makes the air cool down.

Essentially, this cools down a pocket of air in the affected area by up to 20 degrees. When you’re talking about 80-degree air temperature on a rooftop, that feels like the interior of an average home. It’s a major difference.


2: Insect Control


One good way to chase people away from your rooftop bar is to have a bunch of annoying bugs flying all around. Normally, that’s difficult to control. With the open-air nature of a rooftop bar, bugs have free access, and all the sugary alcoholic drinks tend to attract them.

Luckily, misting systems stop that.

On top of keeping the area cool, misting systems also weigh down the wings of flying insects and force them to land. They’re entirely stuck on the ground until the misting system turns off, and they have time to dry.

So, a misting system can stop flies, mosquitos, and various other types of flying insects from annoying your patrons and causing problems.


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3: Smell Control


Another way to run guests away from your rooftop bar is to have a smelly area. Guests don’t want to smell an insulting stench when they come to your bar.

Obviously, this can stem from a variety of sources.

First, you can have a genuine problem with your establishment. If the scent of the place is the problem, you should attempt to make sure it’s not something you’re contributing to. If it is, there’s a problem.

However, most negative scents come from things a normal business owner can’t be on top of. Let alone someone as busy as a rooftop bar owner.

Scent can come from trash that needs to be thrown out or trash that has been taken to disposal points but hasn’t been picked up yet.

Problems with the building your bar is on can also create smell issues. If the building you’re operating on has sewage problems or any other bad stench, it can impact your business.

The same way insects are held down by the water molecules created by a misting system is the same way a misting system does wonders in terms of odor control.

The water particles in the air weigh down the scent particles in the air, and they sink to the ground.

This prevents guests from being turned off by the smell of your establishment, and in a rooftop environment where it’s difficult to block out environmental smells, it’s crucial.


4: A Sense of Luxury


A rooftop bar isn’t an everyday thing. It tends to be more of a luxurious experience for people to enjoy when they find one. After all, it's a bar experience elevated above the cityscape.

So, misting systems for rooftop bars can help the area stand out and seem luxurious. It’s like outdoor air conditioning, but it’s silent and simply makes the entire area’s atmosphere seem cool, inviting, and worth the effort of getting to the bar.

Even if your rooftop bar isn’t designed around a luxury experience, the benefits of a misting system simply add up perfectly.


Misting Systems for Rooftop Bars: Sense of Luxury

What is a Misting System?


Of course, you can’t simply look up misting systems on your favorite online marketplace and find one that offers these benefits. Many of those still sell the old style of misting systems that are simply hoses with holes in them. Those will soak your patrons and run your bar out of business.

To get the benefits we’ve talked about, you need a high pressure misting system.

A high pressure misting system is one that is fed pressurized water by a pump. The water reaches roughly 1000 PSI pressure and shoots through the misting system's lines to create an incredibly thin spray of water. That thin spray instantly evaporates, and it naturally cools the air molecules in the entire affected area. If the misting system is set up properly, you can easily cool an entire rooftop bar without any problems to create the perfect entertainment space.

This doesn’t even require anything overly complicated.

The entire system consists of the main water line that comes with any modern building, a pressure pump, metal or plastic tubing, and high-tech nozzles that do a lot of the work.


Misting Systems for Rooftop Bars: Misting Nozzles

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