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Why Being Able to Modulate Misting is Important to Achieve Ultimate Comfort

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Why is modulating misting important

There are a lot of misting systems on the market, and they all tend to have wildly different features despite sharing the core function of using water to cool the air.

On the surface, you have your general distinction between low-pressure misting systems and high pressure misting systems. Low pressure misting systems are cheap hose-like systems that just spray water everywhere, and they’re not very good.

Then, you have high pressure misting systems that utilize a complex pressure misting pump and misting nozzles to disperse tiny water droplets into the air without getting anything wet or even being noticeable.

Obviously, high pressure misting systems are the better option, and we’re going to focus on those, today. However, even those are split into smaller categories.

Namely, some of them have the ability to adjust the amount of mist that comes out.

There’s a stark difference in the results you’ll get from high pressure misting systems that have adjustable mist settings and those that don’t.

Today, we’re going to go over those differences and explain why modulating misting is importantand why you need to choose a misting system that allows you to modulate the mist.


What Does it Mean to Modulate Misting Systems?


Modulating your misting system means controlling the amount of mist used and the frequency of its usage. Essentially, it’s the same as turning your thermostat up and down inside your home, but it’s slightly more complicated.

When you modulate your misting system to produce more or less mist, you’re controlling it for much more than just the temperature on your patio, and you can achieve quite a bit.


1: Maximum Comfort Without Getting Wet


First and foremost, you can have a bit more control over the comfort you keep your patio at when you can control your misting system.

To achieve temperature drop, a misting system adds tiny water droplets into the air which are then absorbed into the air, resulting in a temperature drop. Amount of water that can be absorbed into the air will depend on weather conditions such as air temperature, humidity, and wind. Days that are less hot or more humid will have less capacity to absorb water than those that are hotter and drier. Naturally, if you always mist the same volume of water, days with less water absorption capacity will have air over saturated with mist and water collecting on floor and furniture, even with a high pressure misting system..

However, with modulation, you can mist or more less, and adjust the frequency of misting cycles, to keep the area within a maximum comfort but without getting anything wet.

For example, maybe it’s toward the end of summer, and it’s still too hot to be enjoyable, but not as hot for the maximum potential of your misting system.

With modulation, you can set the misting system to turn on and off periodically and in that way pump just the right amount of water that can be fully absorbed. With misting modulation, you will be able to achieve maximum cooling effect those weather conditions will allow but without getting wet!

During the hottest and driest days, you can keep it going fully on for maximum effect, and then stagger misting cycles as the temperature lowers and humidity increases with the sunset.

And with aerMist app controlled pumps, you get a very fine mist control with ability to modulate from 1% to 100% of the total misting capacity.


2: Brief Bursts for Insect Control


Unfortunately, insects don’t just come out when it’s extremely hot and you want to cool down your patio. They’ll come out in the evening too when you may not even need any cooling.

So, obviously, you don’t want to have your misting system running nonstop to ward off insects, when the air cannot take all that water.

When you can modulate your misting system, you can make it operate in short bursts. This adds tiny droplets of water to the air that are enough to weigh flying insects down instantly, and they can’t fly again until they dry off.

However, since it’s a quick burst, it will not be too much to leave your furniture wet.

You can enjoy a bug-free patio even when it’s not hot enough to warrant running the misting system constantly.


3: Scent Control


This is the same concept as the bug removal section. Except, instead of weighing down a flying bug’s wings so it has to land and can’t annoy you, the water droplets stick to scent particles and force them to the ground; leaving you with a fresh-smelling patio you’re able to enjoy.

Like the bug removal concept, modulation allows you to do this quickly and in cycles to get rid of smells without getting anything wet. It’s great during the same time periods when air is not as hot, but you still want the odor-removing effects.


4: Adjusting to Sudden Temperature Changes


The temperature changes throughout the day regardless of where you live, and in some places, it’s more sporadic than others. While it might be humid and cool in the morning, it can quickly ramp up to a high heat and low moisture level later in the day.

Modulation makes it a lot easier to quickly adapt to these changes without having to put up with discomfort or mess around with your misting system too much.


5: Meeting Plant Needs


Not everyone uses a misting system for their patio and outdoor comfort. Sometimes, they’re used for plants.

If you have a misting system set up in a greenhouse or around your garden, a modulation system allows you to precisely control the humidity around your plants to keep them growing and flowering as intended; rather than sporadic weather causing them to stunt or go through delayed growth periods. It’s even crucial for some exotic plants to have this level of maintenance and care.

Why is modulating misting important for misting plants

What If You Can’t Modulate Your Misting System?


So, what happens if you don’t have easy modulation control over your misting system? Do you lose all these benefits outright?

To a degree, yes. You will either have to size your misting system down so that on mildest days all of the water can be absorbed, or you will have to point the nozzles to mist away from the occupied space. Both options will result in substantially reduced cooling effect that you otherwise could acheive.

Built-in modulation is by far the best option.


Where to Get Modulated High Pressure Misting Systems


Now that you understand why modulating misting is important you will want a misting system with all the newest features that are convenient and easy to use.

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