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Why we built aerMist

We have all heard a phrase “Necessity is the mother of all innovation”. Necessity has spurred humans to innovate throughout ages, make things better, faster, cheaper. Our story is very similar!

We love spending our time outdoors, using our patio and outdoor kitchen to cook, entertain and share special moments with our children, family, friends, and our Labradoodle dog Sofi. But we could not enjoy it during hot summer months. When searching for outdoor cooling solutions, we had difficulty finding a high quality, low noise, high pressure misting system with modern, innovative and smart features like wireless control, and lower water usage, but within a reasonable cost. With decades of experience in engineering, product development, manufacturing, supply chain, and problem solving skills engraved in our DNA, we decided to do something about it.

This quest gave birth to aerMist with a simple mission: bring high quality, high tech, smart misting systems to USA market at affordable cost and educate home and restaurant owners about cooling wonders and other benefits of a high pressure misting system. We have spent the following year learning about evaporative cooling, finding manufacturing partners, and designing our App. We have built and installed the first system on our own patio. When we saw how well it worked, and how nice it looked, we decided to share it with the world.

So, we are not here to “sell” you a product. We are here to tell you about some very cool high pressure misting systems that can cool your residential or restaurant patio.

We hope that you take time to learn more about our products and see the benefit for yourself.

Boris Medic

Boris Medic is an Engineer and a serial entrepreneur with a keen interest in solving problems. Boris successfully founded several startup companies and managed Engineering, Operations, New Product Development, and Business Development for Fortune 500 and small cap private companies. Mr. Medic received his degree from the University of Texas at Dallas, Erik Jonsson School of Engineering.

Jelena Medic

Jelena Medic is a Finance Executive and an entrepreneur with high attention to detail and extensive experience in finance, supply chain, operations, sourcing, and manufacturing. Jelena managed Finance and Operations for Fortune 500 and small cap private companies in the beverage, retail, hospitality, and consumer product industries. Ms. Medic was educated at the University of Texas at Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management & Finance.