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high pressure misting cooling a outdoor dining space and dining table. Cool outdoor patio and dine comfortably with misting
high pressure misting cooling a outdoor dining space and dining table. Cool outdoor patio and dine comfortably with misting

Mist like an Egyptian.

Though our bodies are built with natural cooling systems (sweat) many outdoor climates require a bit more cooling than your body can provide. Texas summer anyone?

As early as 2500 B.C., ancient Egyptians placed porous water pots, pools, ponds, and thin water chutes to cool their spaces with evaporated water. Science has come a long way since then, but the basic principles remain. Hot air cools with water.

Not all misting systems are alike.

Unlike other misters on the market, aerMist solutions provide comfort rather than a soaking. No one wants drenched shirts and cushions during a dinner party.

Low pressure misting systems provide modest cooling but are limited to and controlled by the 40-60 PSI of your water faucet, which produces the largest size of water droplets, leaving you and your outdoor space soaked.

Mid-pressure misting systems operate by a 160 - 250 PSI misting pump with a series of misting nozzles that constantly produce slightly smaller water droplets than a low-pressure system but still leave people and surfaces wet.

aerMist high pressure misting systems operate on 1000 PSI of pressure, creating an ultra-fine mist that instantly evaporates in the warm air. When this evaporation occurs, the heat from the surrounding air is absorbed to convert water droplet from liquid to gas, leaving a cool bubble of air, and people & surfaces dry.

aerMist high pressure misting systems create super fine mist when compared to low and mid pressure systems

Enjoy a restaurant patio in +85°F.

Summer heat often robs us of enjoying outdoor dining. With our patio misters, you can retake your outdoors and have your patrons dine in absolute comfort, even on the hottest of days.

Our smart mist technology cycles at a frequency you set to keep your customers consistently cool with the quietest devices on the market. Saving you water while keeping their comfort at a maximum.

Say "Goodbye!" to mosquitoes & dust.

Fine water droplets from a high pressure misting system bind to dust, allergens, and odors, ultimately removing them from the air. Pretty cool, huh?

As for flies and mosquitoes, they avoid misted air because they cannot fly well when there is mist in the air. So, hang up your fly swatter and go enjoy your guests.

20dB quieter than our competitors.

Our systems are the quietest on the market with the 150A reaching a maximum of 56db (somewhere between rainfall and a dishwasher) a full 20dB lower than our competitors. That is the difference between a rainfall and vacuum cleaner, loud traffic or your alarm clock. No one wants to hear that during a dinner party. Our 050SA is even more quiet, putting out a mere 48dB of noise and up to 27dB below our competitors.

comparison of noise emitted by aerMist high pressure misting pump

Mist on, mist off. Mist on, mist off.

Yes grasshopper, your mister should be turning on and off. By controlling the interval of misting (mist for 30 seconds pause for 15 seconds), you prevent fog from forming and over saturating the air with humidity. Other "non-modulating" systems require nozzles to be placed around the edge of a sitting area while our modulating systems can be placed more inward to cover the area and maximize the cooling effect.

aerMist high pressure misting app edit schedule screen