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misting system nozzles installation
aerMist high pressure misting nozzles in action

Misting System Installation Services

Not a DIY and don’t know how to install mister system? No problem. Misting system installation services are available in the greater DFW area with
additional metro areas coming soon.

Our standard residential & commercial installation services include installation of the full misting system when water, power, pump shelter, and architectural carriers of misting lines (such as arbors, patio roofs, walls, etc. at appropriate height) are available. Option to schedule installation services is available at checkout.

Please contact us to inquire about cost of installation for your misting system.

How much misting do I need?

Number and size of misting nozzles dictate the pump model required to keep the misting line at optimum pressure while nozzle size is dependent on climate.

Milder and / or more humid climates
Summers with < 95°F daily temperature highs or > 50% typical relative humidity at temperature highs call for smaller (0.1mm) nozzles (Houston, some parts of Florida, Northeast, some parts of California). Also, use 0.1mm nozzles with spaces that have less air circulation or if height of misting line is below 10ft. 0.15mm nozzles are recommended with warmer climates and moderate humidity (summers with > 95°F daily temperature highs and < 50% typical relative humidity at temperature highs). 0.15mm nozzles may also be used with cooler climate summers when outdoor spaces experience higher air circulation, such as patios open from all 4 sides, arbors, open air spaces, etc. Larger nozzles (0.2mm) can be used in very hot and dry climates with typical summer temperatures above 105°F and relative humidity below 40% (Arizona, Nevada, Utah).

Number of misting nozzles and misting line length is directly dependent on the area that needs to be cooled (see chart). Nozzles should be kept at least 2ft apart. Multiple misting pumps can be used for spaces larger than 800sqft. For very open spaces, such as arbors and open air spaces, number of nozzles may be increased by up to 75%.

sizing chart for misting system installation

Installing a Misting System Is Super Easy

Our slip lock high pressure misting system fittings require no special tools to install. Stainless steel piping simply slides into a fitting and inner lock secures it in place, drip free. Most systems can be installed in under 3 hours...not a bad investment of time for a year of cool outdoor enjoyment.

High pressure nozzles come with Viton® seal and can be hand tightened.

Rubberized pipe hangers can be used to secure piping and nozzles to an architectural feature (harbor, patio roof, walls, etc.). Simply slide pipe hanger over stainless steel or plastic tubing and secure it with a screw.

High pressure misting kits come with everything you need to complete the installation.

misting fitting and stainless steel piping for installing a misting system

Get even more cooler.

Efficient way to cool off is to add misting to a fan. Use our high pressure plastic tubing to easily add misting to a fan. Plastic misting lines can be secured with zip ties to a fan, cut into custom lengths, and easily flex into required position. Plastic tubing also allows for use of reciprocating fans. A range of slip lock fittings and nozzles make the entire misting system installation quick and easy.

Smaller nozzles are recommended when adding misting to a fan (ie. if misting line calls for 0.15mm nozzles, use 0.1mm for the fans) and do not add more than 4 -5 nozzles to a single fan unit (1 - 2 on smaller fans). Misted fans should be installed at least 6 - 8ft away from people and surfaces to avoid wetting.

patio misting system installation and high pressure misting added to a fan

Misting Line

Misting nozzles should be spaced 2 - 3ft apart. Our stainless steel piping is pre-cut to 2ft while plastic tubing comes in spools and can be cut to any length.

Misting lines can either follow the shape of the cooled space (installed at the perimeter) or it can also be brought inside the space. Spaces that are more than 25ft in both length and width can have additional inner misting lines to ensure proper coverage. Misting line can be secured with pipe hangers at 10 - 14ft above the ground.

Corner fittings can be used to create L, U, or squared shaped misting lines. Tee fittings are available and can be used to add misting to a fan or bring high pressure misting pump outlet to the misting line.

how to install mister system on outdoor patio - schematic