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How to Cool Outdoor Patio with Water

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how to cool outdoor patio- install misting system

How to Cool Outdoor Patio with Water

The patio has, traditionally, been the perfect place to get together with family, enjoy bonding time, or even just sit around and relax as you watch the traffic go by or wildlife doing its own thing. However, that traditional experience can be almost unbearable when the heat of summer kicks into full gear.

beautiful outdoor patio in the evening

That’s what patio cooling systems are for. To help you enjoy the comfort of your patio regardless of the summer heat.

However, there are multiple types of cooling systems, and we only really recommend one.

Let’s go over and see how to cool the outdoor patio with water in the best possible way!

Our Recommended Patio Cooling Method

You can probably tell from the title, but we highly recommend using a water system to cool your patio. There are other ways to provide some cooling, but they’re typically not ideal. For example, you can enclose your patio and install a window-based AC unit, but that is extremely expensive, and it defeats the purpose of going onto your patio for a bit of a comfortable time outside. You might as well just sit inside if you’re going to enclose the place.

Fans are another option, but they limit what you’re able to do on your patio. After all, it’s kind of hard to sit down with a board game or crossword puzzle if fans are blowing everything around. Plus, fans do not really lower air temperature.

Water systems, especially when you purchase a good one, allow you to keep your patio open while maintaining a cool temperature, and there’s no other change to the environment to make actually doing things an exercise in frustration.

What Type of Water Cooling is Recommended?

There are a couple of different types of water cooling methods you can use for your patio. There are the glorified hose-based sprinklers, ceiling-mounted spouts that spray water everywhere, and misting machines.

The hose-based options are not recommended unless you’re solely looking to get soaked in water. They can work well next to a pool when you don’t care about water getting everywhere. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck leaving your electronics in the house, and there’s not much you’ll want to do on your patio due to the water hazards.

A misting system that utilizes a high-pressure misting pump is the best option.

What is a Misting System?

A misting system utilizes pressurized water from your water lines to spray your patio with tiny water dropplets. However, unlike the other water-based methods we mentioned above, a high pressure misting system doesn’t soak anything.

A high pressure misting system uses a high-pressure pump to move a very small amount of water through the misting lines and out of the misting nozzles at an exceptionally high pressure. This forces the water to be spread so thin that it evaporates instantly upon coming out of the overhead nozzles.

This creates a number of benefits over traditional systems.

The Benefits of Misting Systems:

We’ll go over each benefit in detail.

1: Dry Patio

Since the water evaporates instantly in the air, a misting system can cool your patio almost as much as an AC in a reasonable setting, but it doesn’t get any of your belongings wet. The air is cooled when these tiny water droplets evaporate and absorb heat from the air in the process of chaning state from liquid to gas -or evaporative cooling as scientists like to call it. This is a massive benefit because it allows you to get AC-free cooling without soaking your patio and limiting what you can do on it as traditional water-cooling methods do.

2: Less Water Consumption

Traditional water-cooling systems waste a ton of water. They’re constantly blasting large amounts of water all over the place, and it’s not even necessary.

A misting system naturally saves you water in comparison, because it works solely by taking a small amount of water and dispersing it over a large area as needed. Just by design, a high pressure misting system uses far less water and saves you on your energy bill.

3: Almost Silent

There isn’t a lot of noise generated by a misting system. You might hear the pump while it’s on, but that’s very quiet, and it’s hardly noticeable. The actual action going on at the nozzles is completely silent.

This is a major improvement if you consider the noise generated by AC or traditional water-based cooling methods, and it’s the key to creating an atmosphere where you and your guests can enjoy a conversation without loud background noise ruining it.

4: Longer Lifespan

Other cooling systems utilize long hoses all over the place that get trampled, cheap nozzles that clog, and more. AC systems burn out when used constantly in an enclosed patio because they have to work extremely hard.

A misting system really only relies on one core component, and the rest is just a series of tubing and low-maintenance nozzles. You just have to keep an eye on the high-pressure misting pump and make sure to maintain it as necessary. Otherwise, the system will last a very long time.

5: Savings

You have lower energy bills with this due to the small amount of water used, but there are other ways you save, too.

First, while a misting system is more expensive than an old-fashioned sprinkler-type system, it doesn’t use as much water. So, there are long-term savings. Then, you have to consider how much longer the system will last; meaning you don’t have to repeatedly replace it as you do with cheaper options.

You also experience short-term and long-term savings in electricity compared to an AC, too. You don’t have to enclose your patio or re-work your home’s electrical. The misting system mounts right to your patio's overhang or can be installed in numerous other ways. 

Buy an aerMist Misting System to Cool Your Patio with Water

A high pressure misting system is your best option for cooling your patio. It’s cost-effective, long-lasting, and extremely reliable. It also doesn’t soak your patio or create disruptive noises.

However, the type of misting system you buy is important, too.

aerMist offers the highest quality misting systems to provide exceptional water-cooling capabilities to any patio, greenhouse, or similar area in need of misting, and the team at aerMist can ensure that you get the perfect misting system for your needs.

We hope that we helped you with these 5 incredible tips on how to cool your outdoor patio with water. If you have any questions about aerMist cooling systems, feel free to contact us anytime!