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How To Cool Patio? | No. 1 Outdoor Cooling Solution In [2023]

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Find out how to cool patio

How to Cool Patio?


Few things can beat sitting on your patio on a mid-summer day or evening and just enjoying the peacefulness of the outdoors as the sun sets in the distance.


However, depending on where you live, that might not be extremely comfortable.


First, you have to worry about mosquitoes and other annoying bugs pestering you during your relaxation time, but that’s solvable by having your patio enclosed.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve the other major problem, and it can actually compound it, it’s hot outside during prime patio season. You can’t expect to enjoy yourself if you’re sweating like a hog and incapable of getting comfortable.


Luckily, there is a solution that really works.


So, let's find out how to cool patio.

Inferior Solutions Explained:


Before we get to our recommended solution, let’s take a look at some common options that aren’t necessarily worthwhile. This doesn’t mean they don’t work at all, but it does mean they can’t compete with our recommended solution.


Air Conditioning:


If you have your patio enclosed, you might be tempted to install an air conditioner. That seems like a good idea at first, but there are some serious problems with it.


First, enclosed patios are typically made from screens for the most part. The room won’t hold any cool air if that’s the case with yours, and if you have to close solid windows over the screened-in portions, you’re defeating the purpose of sitting on your patio in the first place.

There is another issue with using an air conditioning unit, too. Even if you have the ability to close off the screened portions of your enclosed patio, there is still an issue with insulation. Patio enclosures aren't built to be additional rooms in your home. They're just simple solutions to allow for outdoor seating with protection from the elements. If you do run an air conditioning unit to one successfully, you'll still lose a lot of cool air due to the lack of insulation, and your energy bill can skyrocket pretty quickly.



Fans are one of the possible solutions on how to cool outdoor patio



The most simplistic, and often the first, solution that people gravitate towards is the use of a fan. This is cheap since you can usually pick a good one up for twenty bucks at any big box store, but it's not ideal for several reasons.


First, a fan cools rooms because it creates circulation. In an enclosed patio, this might be possible, but if your patio isn’t enclosed, it’s not going to circulate anything, it’ll simply blast hot air directly at you.


Then, you have to consider the noise that fans make. If you’re trying to entertain a couple of guests on your patio, your good time can be ruined by the loud whirring of a fan’s blades, and it simply isn’t enjoyable.


Finally, since fans suck in the air on one side and blow it out on the other, they often pick up environmental debris such as dust from the ground and spray it everywhere. If you're eating, or even if you're just sitting around, this can be a big problem.


The Best Solution for Outdoor Patio Cooling


So, if you're looking for how to cool patioareas, we got you! You don't have to rely on subpar methods that just don't work well with patios, enclosed or otherwise.


An outdoor cooling system can be the perfect solution for you.


Now, these aren’t overly common at the moment. So, you might not know too much about what they are, how they work, and why they’re better. Don’t worry. We’ll highlight all of those details in the following sections.


A misting system that will cool your patio immediately

What is a Patio Mister?


At first glance, a patio cooling mister might just look like a suspended tube. However, that’s not the case. It’s far more complicated.


Rather than just circulating air (or blasting hot air in your face in the event that there aren't any walls keeping the air contained), a high pressure mister diffuses tiny droplets of water into the air.


However, it’s key to note that this water is not enough to soak you, your patio, and everything on it. It’s a very small amount of water that gently fills the air and creates a cooling effect without making everything noticeably moist.



Benefits of an Outdoor Mister for Cooling Patio Areas:


As we said, these outdoor misters offer a few benefits over other options. Here’s a complete breakdown of those benefits.


1: Actual Cooling Effects


A fan just circulates air. It doesn’t change the air’s temperature or add cool moisture. A mister does. Since cold water is diffused into the air being circulated by the mister, it actively cools down the environment around it.


2: No Dust or Dirt


One problem we mentioned regarding fans was that they suck in dirt and debris from the ground and blast it all over your patio area. A mister line is suspended overhead. This prevents it from pulling in anything on the ground, and it simply dispenses cool, fog like, mist without all the junk from the ground polluting everything.


3: No Need for Full Enclosures


We highlighted that both air conditioners and fans require full enclosure to really do any good at all. Well, a mister doesn't require that. You will need your patio to have an overhead ceiling or another structure to mount it to, but everything else can be open, or you can have a full-screen enclosure and receive the same results.


4: Better Circulation


With a box fan or similar fan option, the air moves in one direction. That’s why you need walls to create circulation; the air will bounce off of them.


A well designed overhead mister line fills the air with cool mist throughout your patio without the need for addtional circulation.



Invigorate Your Patio Experience With Our Misting Systems


Don’t settle for subpar cooling options on your patio after learning how to cool the patiothe right way. Whether it’s enclosed, partially enclosed, or fully open to the elements, our patio misters will allow you to enjoy cool summer days on your patio with ease. You won’t have to deal with the downsides of other cooling options, either.


Check aerMist Shop and choose between the Stainless steel misting kit or Plastic tubing misting kit, each designed to provide cool mist to outdoor patios regardless of whether they are enclosed or not.


We make sure you enjoy your patio every day of summer!