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Odor Control Made Easy with High Pressure Misting Systems

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Odor Control with Misting Systems

Nothing ruins your wonderful evening on the patio like offensive odors permeating the area. Even if everything else is perfect, an unpleasant odor can drive you and your guests back indoors long before you actually want to.

Luckily, there’s a pretty easy way to not only get rid of unpleasant odors in your outdoor areas but also enjoy an oasis-like outdoor area in general.

Today, we’re going to go over some of the causes of outdoor odors, how high pressure misting systems resolve those problems, and what you can expect from installing one.

Read on to learn more about effective odor control with misting systems.


What Causes Outdoor Odors?


It’s easy to assume that outdoor odors would be caused solely by homeowner lifestyle choices. However, that is not always the case. In fact, you can be an extremely clean individual with impeccable property, and you can still fall victim to a stench that practically ruins your outdoor entertainment areas.

Primarily, trash is a concern. If it’s the end of the week, or you have a bi-monthly trash removal service, having your bins anywhere near your entertainment areas is bound to create odor issues regardless of how tidy you are otherwise.

Then, you have the smells that accompany various foods. If you’re enjoying an outdoor cookout, and something you’re cooking is particularly pungent, you can end up accidentally causing odor problems for you, your guests, and the neighbors.

Of course, there are other potential issues that are out of your control. Neighbors using certain yard treatments, cooking their own pungent meals, or doing other things that create odors you simply don’t like are unfortunately going to make their way into your yard.


How Do High Pressure Misting Systems Reduce Odors Around Your Patio?


So, you know where the odors are coming from, but how does a misting system help? That’s just for keeping cool or adding a bit of moisture to the air, right? Wrong.

First, you have to know how odors work to understand how a misting system helps.

Smells, whether good or bad, don’t just come out of thin air. They’re caused by small particulates in the air that work their way up into your nasal cavity and stimulate your sense of smell. Different particulates create different sensations in the brain. For example, when you smell a perfume, you really like, that’s because of particulates that were added to a solution, usually mostly water, and when the perfume is sprayed, those particulates fly through the air and permeate your nostrils.


The Way a Misting System Stops Odors:


So, how does odor control with misting systems actually work? It has to do with tiny water droplets sticking to those particulates we talked about.

See, a high pressure misting system does a lot more than just squirt water through the air like traditional misters do. It has a high pressure pump that pressurizes a small amount of water, shoots it through the routed tubing that makes up the bulk of the system, and ultimately, sprays it out of nozzles with tons of tiny holes aiming in all directions.

That spreads the water out extremely thin across a large area, and the natural heat forces the water to evaporate instantly. It doesn’t just fall to the ground like it does when it rains.

However, this adds moisture to the air that sticks to the particulates causing odors, and the moisture weighs those particulates down until they simply descend to the ground.

That prevents odor particulates from being carried around by air, and you’re left with a fresh-smelling outdoor area even when abhorrent scents are technically present. Of course, when the misting system turns off, the scent can return. It’s a good idea to use your misting system whenever you want to reduce odor and enjoy your outdoor areas.

Odor Control with Misting System: Man Enjoys Fresh Air

This is still far more effective than most of your other options. Things such as incense, tiki torches, scented trash bags, and sprays only mask the odors. Particularly pungent odors can still be smelled, and you’ll typically just end up with an odd smell that is a blend of whatever is masking the odor and the odor itself. It’s not pleasant.

The high pressure misting system will actually tackle the problem instead of just covering it up.


Other Great Benefits of a High Pressure Misting System


Besides odor reduction, a high pressure misting system provides many other benefits for your outdoor area

As expected, your high pressure misting system will also greatly cool down your outdoor area. It lowers air temperature, because water absorbs energy (heat) in order to evaporate.

Beyond that, insects won’t be a problem. In the same way, the misting system causes odor particulates to drop to the ground, it also prevents bugs from flying. While you can’t feel tiny water droplets in the air, it’s still too much for a bug’s wings, and they are forced to land while the misting system is on. They usually can’t even get back up until they dry out, and that’s only if they make it that long.

Overall, a high pressure misting system works to create a pleasant, all-around, oasis-like atmosphere for your outdoor areas. From less odor to fewer bugs and a cooler temperature, a high pressure misting system can do it all.


How to Get a High Pressure Misting System


Before you rush off to buy a misting system, you should know that what we talked about here only applies to a specific type of misting system. Traditional, cheap, systems that you find online won’t work for most of this, and they’re generally lackluster.

Instead, you want a high pressure misting system like we described earlier. What's more, you want a high-quality one that will serve you well for years to come.

To experience all the benefits of effective odor control with misting systems, you should reach out to aerMist.

We offer a variety of high pressure misting systems that will fit any sort of property or need, and our after-sale customer support is bar none.

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