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misting system nozzles installation
aerMist high pressure misting nozzles in action

Other misting systems are still in the stone age.

We thought it was time that misting systems caught up to the smarts of today's technology so we've created an app that gives you the control of modulating, scheduling, and automating your misting systems all from your phone.

Modulate and control how cool your space gets. Without modulation excess water is constantly pumped into your space that can't be evaporated. This will result in sharp rise in relative humidity, reduced comfort, fogged air, and fine water mist dropping onto surfaces and people without evaporating but making them wet instead.

Wirelessly control up to four different misting systems independently of each other with advanced features and operating modes such as fine resolution misting modulation, non stop misting, and full 7 day 4 intervals per each day scheduling. Cool patio, outdoor kitchen, dog's yard, and add a bit of fog effects to your pool at night.

app for cooling a patio

aerMist Misting Cooling System Overview

A high pressure misting system consists of a water feed line, water feed line filtering, high pressure misting pump, high pressure supply line, misting line(s), and fittings. Misting line can be built with either stainless steel or high pressure plastic tubing.

Our products can be purchased as stainless steel misting kits or plastic tubing misting kits or high pressure pumps only (if you have existing misting lines installed and only need a pump). Check our Misting System Installation page to figure out correct misting system size for your patio.

We also offer a range of slip lock fittings, nozzles, tubing, tools, accessories, and filtration products for building and maintaining high pressure misting systems.

outdoor misting cooling system

Built for higher pressure, longer life & quieter atmospheres.

We made aerMist components with the highest quality and most innovative and quietest technology, thus extending its life beyond other high pressure systems for patio cooling.

aerMist pumps are outdoor proof and built with ceramic coated stainless steel pistons with an aircraft anodized aluminum body. Our custom design aircraft aluminum three-piston pump, combined with engineered rubber carriers and case, result in a very low operational noise (56dB for 150A and 48dB for 050SA models), up to 27dB lower than most other pumps. Onboard touch control buttons provide easy access to turn the system ON in non stop mode or to switch it to be controlled wirelessly. iOS and Android apps provide ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

aerMist high pressure misting pump model 150A

aerMist's Anti-Drip Nozzles

Our misting nozzles are top-quality nickel-plated brass nozzles with integrated stainless steel filter and easy-to-hand-tighten Viton® seals. Available in multiple orifice sizes (0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, and 0.3mm) to match the system to your climate and cooling needs. They include an anti-drip shut-off valve and orifices are available in both ceramic (more durable but can get damaged when exposed to freezing temperatures) and stainless steel (can withstand temperatures at or below 32°F).

outdoor misters for patio

Custom build your system.

Plastic PU or stainless steel piping are available for easily customizable lengths and optimal visual appearance.

Stainless Steel

We designed our piping systems with ¼ inch slip lock fitting for the most visually appealing misting system installation.

Our stainless steel pipes come in 24 inch pre-cut lengths with slip lock fitting grooves. We can provide customers with process to cut and groove stainless steel pipe.

Plastic PU tubing

Our plastic tubing is available in spools and can be cut by the customer to custom lengths, allowing for the ultimate customization in length and mist nozzle spacing. Cutting tool is included with each high pressure misting kit. Currently available in black color only with more colors coming soon.

here's how to stay cool outdoors in the summer

We provide the best overall full-system cost among high-pressure systems.

We are committed to building misting solutions without inflation costs of reseller market-ups; therefore, we sell directly to consumers and deliver the best cost and technology to market. Today, we are proud to build the misting system we'd been searching for.

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Integrated water cutoff switch

can be controlled by a phone APP

easily install & great looking slip lock fittings

can run off of gravity fed water bucket

can modulate misting, save water & maximize comfort

can cut stainless steel pipe to custom size

phone app can control multiple devices at the same time

noise level specified

30 nozzle kit with stainless steel pipe cost BEST > $1,800 >$2,200 >$2,200
optional 0.5 micron water filter with chlorine and odor reduction