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Water Filter -Small

For Pump Model

Complete water filter with #5 housing, carbon activated 0.5 micron rated filter insert, slip lock connectors, and mounting bracket. Carbon activated filter reduces chlorine and other odors from drinking water. 0.5 micron rated mechanical filter helps reduce clogged and dripping nozzles due to super fine sediment buildup. Easy install with slip lock connectors. Remove plastic wrapping from carbon filter insert prior to use. For use with model 150A and 050SA pumps. Please select correct version of the filter for your pump. If your water has scale causing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron (defined as "hard water"), consider upgrading to water filter + scale inhibitor.


  • Filter Insert: Carbon block with 0.5 micron rating
  • Tubing Size In: 12mm for model 150A and 8mm for 050SA
  • Tubing Size Out: 10mm for model 150A and 8mm for 050SA
  • Operating Temperature: 40 °F to 180 °F
  • Water Capacity: 3,000 gallons
  • Run Time on aerMist 150A pump: 125 - 270 hours
  • Run Time on aerMist 050SA pump: 270 - 1,000 hours
  • Filter Housing Dimensions: 4.38 inch diameter x 7.38 inch height


  • Filter Insert
  • 3/8 NPT to 12mm slip lock adapter (for Model 150A pump)
  • 3/8 NPT to 10mm slip lock adapter (for Model 150A pump)
  • 3/8 NPT to 8mm slip lock adaper QTY2 (for Model 050SA pump)
  • #5 filter housing
  • Mounting bracket with screws
  • O ring