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How High-Pressure Misting Systems Work [4 Things To Know]

  • 4 min read

A high pressure outdoor misting system

Complete Guide on How High-Pressure Misting Systems Work

When it comes to outdoor cooling and humidifying, there are several options on the market. However, the most effective option available is a high-pressure misting system from aerMist.

These high-pressure misting systems provide cool air via the clever use of small amounts of water, minimize energy consumption, and provide far more effective cooling abilities than closed-in patios, wet systems, and various other options on the market.

But how do high-pressure misting systems work, though?

What are high pressure misting systems: learn how they work

Today, we’re going to cover exactly what these high-pressure misting systems are, how they work together to create the most effective outdoor cooling solution available.

Let’s get started.

What are High-Pressure Misting Systems?

First, it’s important that we differentiate what we’re talking about from the many cheap, ineffective, and underwhelming options out there.

When most people think of misting systems, they think of the glorified hoses with holes that hook up to an outdoor tap and spray water everywhere. Those are not ideal in the vast majority of situations because while they’re cheap, they tend to make the entire area so wet that it’s a slip hazard, and you certainly wouldn’t want to wear any decent clothes or take any electronics into such areas with those misting systems turned on. Then, there are the cheap fan solutions that squirt water out and blow it everywhere, but those tend to be far too intense, as well.

High-pressure misting systems are similar, but they’re also entirely different.

Instead of just spraying water everywhere, high-pressure misting systems utilize a few pieces of equipmentto make a very small amount of water spread out thinly over a wide area and instantly evaporate; providing cooler outdoor air without getting anything wet.

How high pressure misting systems work: key components of misting systems

These high-pressure misting systems are more complex and somewhat more costly, but they provide a far better experience and last a lot longer, as well.

How Do High-Pressure Misting Systems Work?

To achieve the impressive results that high-pressure misting systems achieve, there are a couple of pieces of equipment that work in tandem. 

We’re going to go over each component, how it works, and what the end result is.

1: The Pump

This is the main component that sets high-pressure misting systems apart from lesser options. The pressure pump hooks directly into your outdoor water supply, and it handles a few tasks.

First, it regulates how much water is allowed to enter the system, and that’s dependent on how you have the system set up. This is absolutely crucial because the entire point of a high-pressure system is for it to stretch as little water as possible across the widest area possible. The pump should allow just enough water to produce this effect. If it allows too much, though, the system won't work as intended.

The misting system pump is also in charge of pressurizing that small amount of water. If it were allowed to travel at the same speed as your normal water supply, it would just trickle out later on down the line and get everything wet.

Ideally, the pump will pressurize the water up to 1000 PSI. This essentially jets the water through the rest of the system and makes it spray out with an incredible force. Don’t worry, though. Because of how little water is used and how the rest of the system is designed, you won’t even feel any water; let alone worry about getting squirted as you walk around. We’ll get to that later.

2: Tubing

This is the main body of the system, and while it’s fairly simple, it is absolutely crucial. Tubing is just a series of tubes made from a variety of materials that carries the water to where you’re wanting it.

Your misting system’s tubing will typically be lined around your patio, garden, or whatever place you’re trying to cool and mounted to walls, awnings, and various other parts of your home with brackets. This keeps it from creating a fall hazard like many of the cheaper systems do when they just lay all over the ground.

The tubing is also the most time-consuming part of installing a high-pressure misting system. It’s not difficult, but you will need to use a ladder to install brackets, set up the tubing, and make sure everything is in place well above eye level.

3: Nozzles

Finally, this is where everything comes together. These nozzles are installed in set holes along the tubing system, and they’re where the water comes out. Without these nozzles, you’d just get a bunch of pressurized water jetting out as if you turned the sink on too high.

The nozzles on high-pressure systems are made differently than they are on other systems. They’re typically made of high grade metal with ceramic or stainless steel orifices, and they have a tiny opening that allows mist to exit at a predefined coverage angle.

When the pump pressurizes the water, the water is shot through the tubing, and when it reaches the nozzles, that small amount of water is pushed through the tiny hole in each misting nozzle to spread it out incredibly thin over a massive area.

4: Results

The result of this complex system coming together properly is a cloud-like pocket of cool mist. When the nozzles spread out such a small amount of water over a wide area, the water doesn’t have time to fall to the ground and make everything wet. It’s spread out so thinly that it instantly evaporates.

The process of this instant evaporation takes heat from the air and significantly cools down the affected area. There is no puddling, you won’t feel the buildup of water on your skin, it’s safe to use electronics,and more or less, it feels as if you have your own outdoor air conditioner.

Where to Get a High-Pressure Misting System?

If you’re looking to install a brand-new high-pressure misting system to keep you and your guests cool this summer, the best place to look is aerMist.

aerMist has innovated high-pressure misting systems to create the most reliable, effective, and enjoyable outdoor cooling method available.

Contact us  to get details about our products or check out our shop here.