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The Benefits of Using the Outdoor Misting System

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Find out the benefits of using the outdoor misting system

The Benefits of Using the Outdoor Misting System

A favorite pastime for anyone living in a warm or temperate climate is sitting on the patio during the warmer months. However, there's a big problem with that for most people, they have to leave the climate-controlled comfort of their air-conditioned homes.


In most places, summer and spring can be hot, humid, and difficult to handle outdoors for long periods of time, and those traditional patio activities can become unbearable. You’ll find that you’re taking your friendly get-togethers indoors, opting for TV time instead of cherished quiet time on the patio with your loved ones, etc.


Luckily, there’s a solution you might not have thought of that can give you all of that back. A patio misting system.


If you’re not familiar with what a patio misting system is or why you should look into getting one, here’s a rundown of the several benefits of using the outdoor misting system.


What is a Patio Misting System?


Have you ever been walking around a big summertime event or attraction, such as the fair or zoo, and noticed the big fans spraying water at people to cool them down? Patio misters are like that, but they’re not quite as intense, and they’re designed to provide long-term comfort, not just a quick cooldown, and more importantly, without getting you wet.


A proper patio misting system cools the air with mist without drenching everything on your patio, the water is spread out so thinly that it evaporates before it lands on anything. This is key since you likely want to have your phone, a radio, or some other item out there with you that can’t get wet. Not to mention the water damage that prolonged moisture exposure can cause to patio furniture or wooden structures.

Incredible 5 Benefits Of Using The Outdoors Misting System


There are several options available that perform dramatically differently from one another, but we're going to use the best patio misting system available, the aerMist high-pressure misting system, to describe the benefits of using the outdoor misting system. It is the most reliable, no-mess, system you can get, and it doesn't have the drawbacks of more primitive systems that you might find with an online search. In general, it's the only one people should really be looking at for home use.


Here are the benefits of using the proper patio misting system.


1: Outdoor Climate Control


Cooling an outdoor space to any meaningful degree is difficult without closing that space off, which defeats the purpose of going outside in the first place.


A good outdoor cooling system creates a pocket of space that is cooled via consistent dispersal of microscopic bursts of water. The water dispersed is so widely spread out and thin that it evaporates before it has the chance to get anything wet. However, that quick burst dramatically cools the air within the unit’s effective range.


You can’t get that with a fan or an air conditioner because there are no walls to contain the cool air being emitted by those systems. With those, the cool air just disperses out into your yard and everywhere else, providing no noticeable climate control.


2: No-Mess


This is only true for the aerMist system, and if you use one, you don’t have to worry about any mess. Like we said earlier, small amounts of water are injected into the air being dispersed. There is such a small amount of water sprayed across such a wide area that you won’t even feel it. It evaporates almost instantly in the air.


This not only means that you don’t have to deal with damp skin and close, or the annoying feeling of water hitting you, but you also don’t have to worry about your electronics, furniture, and other items getting wet.

Again, some cheap, ineffective misting systems aren’t like this. Some of them are like the ones used at outdoor events that basically spray you with water. So, choose your unit wisely.


3: Low Resource Consumption


An AC takes a lot of power to cool your home, and if you close off your porch and use a window unit to cool it, it’s the same story. That’s expensive, and it’s not necessary.


A patio misting system uses an exceptionally small number of resources.


As we mentioned above, such a small amount of water is used that it evaporates instantly. That’s not only good for keeping you dry while you enjoy your patio time, but it also means you won’t run your water bill up with one.


On top of that, there isn’t much electricity needed to power the unit, and it’s considerably cheaper than running an AC.


Essentially, the long-term costs of running a patio misting system are negligible, especially when you consider the benefits of using one. You might even find yourself turning off the AC and spending more time outside than you normally would; which is healthier, and it’s a lot cheaper.

You can enjoy your patio if you use the outdoor misting system

4: No Need for Patio Additions


With other patio cooling methods, you have to close your patio, build more extravagant overhangs, and spend money on various additions just so the cooling system will work. A patio mister doesn't require any of that.


Patio misting systems are lightweight and easy to install.They can be mounted on an existing overhang, or mounted on existing structures.


Also, since they don't rely on air circulation to cool the patio down, there's no need to add walls for the air to bounce off of. You can have a completely open patio and still cool down, allowing you to fully enjoy going outside.

5: More Comfort


Finally, all of those benefits add up to a more comfortable experience. You can reclaim your patio and truly enjoy a summer evening with your spouse, a party with your close friends, or just a bit of quiet time by yourself with a good book.


The dry, no-mess, climate-controlled environment is far more comfortable than what you get with other cooling systems or just not having a cooling system at all.


Invest in a Patio Misting System


If you’re tired of spending your summers indoors to escape the heat, don’t keep letting your patio go to waste. Instead, take advantage of the benefits of using the outdoor cooling system, invest in a misting cooling system, and reclaim a bit of outdoor enjoyment during the best, but hottest, months of the year. You won’t regret it.