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Clearing the Mist: Are Misting Systems Safe?

  • 4 min read

Outdoor misting system

Outdoor misting systems are some of the most popular ways to keep patios and other outdoor entertainment and seating areas cool throughout the hottest summer months, and they do a tremendous job of fulfilling that duty.

However, we do see some concerns from customers occasionally regarding safety; not just effectiveness.

So, are misting systems safe?

Well, yes. There are very minor concerns that you should consider, but outside of a few odd circumstances that can create minor hazards, misting systems are perfectly safe.

Let’s go over some of those minor potential hazards and how you can make them non-issues.

Differentiating Between Cooling Misting Systems and Mosquito Misters

This is really the only “danger” that warrants a lot of legitimate thought. Not all misting systems are meant to cool an area down. Some are meant to spray pesticides in the same manner as a high pressure misting system to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes that tend to come out in full force during the hotter months.

While those are designed to be relatively harmless themselves, you should make sure you’re purchasing a cooling-based system if that’s what you want. No one wants to sit around inhaling pesticides whether they’re marketed as safe or not.

Again, this is a minor concern, and it doesn’t have anything to do with purchasing a cooling system. As long as you can differentiate between the two, there are no worries.

Electronics Damage/Shock Hazards

This is an issue that is only relevant to a specific type of misting system. Some cheap low-pressure systems only use the pressure from your home’s water source to spray the water. This results in heavy jets of water instead of a true mist, and anytime you have water spraying everywhere, it’s imperative not to bring electronics into the area. Not only can it destroy things such as phones, radios, and similar items, but it can cause much more serious problems if you have electronics plugged in and exposed to that water.

Fortunately, if you purchase a high pressure misting system, this isn’t an issue. The water evaporates instantly, and it doesn’t create a wet environment. It simply adds fine water mist to the air and creates a pocket of cool air as that fine mist evaporates to keep your seating and entertainment area comfortable.

So, if you buy the right misting system, this also isn’t a problem to worry about.

Fall and Slip Hazards

Again, this is an issue present with older, cheaper, systems that only use the pressure from your home's water source. Since those systems soak everything within their range, water does build up, and slip and fall hazards can be created. 

With a high pressure misting system, this isn’t a concern at all. The water never has a chance to build up on walking surfaces, furniture, or anything else. So, it’s an unnecessary concern if you’re buying the right system.

Equipment Malfunctions and Falling Object Hazards

This can be a more realistic hazard for any type of outdoor misting system, but it stems from completely avoidable causes.

Any time you are mounting things overhead, there is a potential for their mounting systems to fail, and this can create a slightly hazardous situation where that item falls. Whether it’s a picture in your home, a hunting trophy, or anything else. Even a mounted misting system can produce this slight risk.

However, this is avoidable by doing two things.

First, you have to install the system exactly as it is described in theinstallation manual, and it is imperative to install it on structures that have the structural integrity they’re supposed to have to prevent mounting brackets from coming loose at the mounting point. Ensuring that you have properly installed each mounting bracket is also key. Improperly installed mounting brackets are not guaranteed to be reliable.

Man reading an installation manual

Secondly, you should check your mounting brackets and the system as a whole periodically, and this is especially important after heavy storms. Mounting brackets can become loose, storms can pull them from their mounting points, and a variety of things can happen to decrease the structural integrity of the system.

Of course, a misting system also isn’t very heavy and doesn’t have any dangerous parts attached to it. So, even if it does, unfortunately, fall due to a storm or user error, it’s unlikely to cause serious damage.

Why are High Pressure Misting Systems Safer and More Reliable than Traditional Systems?

You might have noticed that we’ve repeatedly stated high pressure misting systems are safer and more reliable throughout this guide. This comes down to how they work.

While a traditional misting system simply sprays water everywhere, a high pressure misting system uses small amounts of water to pass through many small holes at a high velocity to create an instantly vaporizing stream. The water never gets a chance to reach the ground, your furniture, or anything else. It simply evaporates and cools the air.

This is key because it gets rid of nearly all of the already minor risks of traditional misting systems while providing more comfort. You don’t have to worry about electronics or outdoor outlets getting soaked and destroyed, shock hazards are eliminated, and you don’t have to worry about creating a slippery surface due to puddling water. You simply enjoy the cool air and the great outdoors.

Where to Get High Pressure Misting Systems?

By now, we’ve probably put your worries about misting systems safety to rest, but you have probably come to the conclusion that shelling out a little more for a high pressure system is more than worth it.

Where do you get them?

You don’t want to opt for a subpar option, because you might not get the performance you want, and you can’t rely on the build quality of their units. Instead, aerMist offers the highest quality high pressure misting systems available. Our systems are made to the highest standards to ensure safety, quality, and reliability. Contact us today.