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Do Patio Misting Systems Work in Extreme Environments?

  • 4 min read

testing does patio misting systems work in extreme environments

Do Patio Misting Systems Work in Extreme Environments? Here’s What You Need to Know

Patio misting systems are becoming extremely popular among the US population. They offer effective outdoor cooling in the areas residential homeowners need the most; the places where they gather with guests, enjoy their warm weather afternoons and sit down to get away from the struggles of life.

However, there is a concern many people have as this becomes widely adopted; do these patio misting systems work in extreme environments, or are they just an ineffective expense you’re better off not worrying about?

Well, the answer might surprise you. Let’s take a look at the performance of misting systems in extreme environments like arid deserts and humid tropical regions.

Do Misting Systems Work in Extreme Environments?

First and foremost, yes. Misting systems do work in extreme environments. They do tend to provide varying results depending on the type of extreme environment they’re in, but in general, you will notice a difference. They’re not just usable in temperate climates where the weather rarely gets too extreme.

patio misting system in extreme environments

Obviously, there is a caveat to this. They don’t really work in cold extreme environments. However, you wouldn’t want to use them in such conditions, anyway. So, that’s not a problem.

What you really need to look at isn’t whether or not the misting system will work. Instead, you should worry about adjusting your expectations depending on the environment you’re in.

In a temperate, rather steady climate with a medium level of humidity and heat, your misting system will work as described by the manufacturer, but there are minor differences in other environments.

We’ll cover each of those in their own sections. 

Arid Desert-Like Environments and Misting Systems:

First, if you live in a hot and arid environment such as Arizona or Nevada, you can expect some dramatic results.

In those arid environments, the air is extremely dry and hot. Misting systems such as the aerMist high pressure misting system add moisture to the air. This immediately cools the air by at least several degrees on its own, but that’s not all that happens.

The water used is fairly cold and comes straight from your home’s cold water supply. When the water is instantly evaporated and enters that hot and dry air, it actively cools the temperature of the air even further.

It’s not abnormal for misting system users in arid environments to enjoy patio temperatures that are 20 degrees or colder than the surrounding temperature.

The arid nature of the air in such environments also helps ensure that the water sprayed by the misting system evaporates instantly. This is the case everywhere if you use a high-quality misting system like aerMist’s, but some lower-quality systems will produce notable moisture in more humid environments.

This is the optimum environment for a patio misting system because the natural environment works in favor of the misting system's core functions and helps it work even more efficiently.

So, not only does a patio misting system work in this type of extreme, but it also works even better than it does in more temperate areas.

Tropical and Humid Environments and Patio Misting Systems:

Tropical or otherwise humid and hot environments are where you tend to see some minor issues but have no fear; a good patio misting system will still work wonders.

The only real problem you’ll face when using a patio misting system in hot and humid environments is that the natural air clashes with the main cooling method misting systems use to cool the air. In essence, half of what a patio misting system does is add water to the air. This increases the humidity.

It is important to be able to control amount of mist that comes out of the system when air is humid to prevent saturating the air with humidity. But not to worry, aerMist's systems can modulate misting and ensure just the right amount of water is dispensed into the air.

So, you can typically expect the temperature to drop by roughly ten degrees or more in these environments. And if you use aerMist's systems, humidity will not be too much of a problem and you can reliably enjoy moisture-free cooling regardless of the humidity.

Things to Consider When Using a Patio Misting System in Extreme Environments

While patio misting systems can be used in extreme environments, there are things you need to consider. These shouldn’t stop you from purchasing one, but they are things you need to know to get the best results from your system for years to come.

1: Frequent Cleaning in Dusty Environments

One thing that tends to coincide with being in an arid environment is that dust is typically prevalent. This will require you to clean your system more frequently and scrub the misting nozzles to ensure that they’re not getting clogged or damaged.

2: Check and Replace Rubber Parts

This is another issue that is common in arid environments. O-rings, seals, and other rubber parts of the system will degenerate faster as they’re dried out. They’ll crack, split, and pop off faster than in environments that have more moisture in the air. This is a problem with all products in these environments; not just misting systems.

patio misting system in extreme environments

3: Watch for Rust on Metallic Parts

In arid environments, this isn’t a problem. However, extremely humid environments, especially those near the ocean, tend to wreak havoc on metallic items and parts. Tubing for such areas is typically made from a material safe from such corrosion, but you should keep an eye on any other metal parts in your system.

If you have more questions about the patio misting system, and how it works in extreme environments, feel free to contact aerMist for more detailed information!