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High Pressure Misting System vs Other Cooling Solutions | Comparison

  • 4 min read

high-pressure misting system vs other outdoor cooling solutions

High Pressure Misting Systems VS Other Outdoor Cooling Solutions (Ultimate Comparison)

Outdoor cooling has been around for a while, but in recent years, it has become a lot more popular among people from all over the country. Outdoor cooling systems allow you to go outside, enjoy the fresh air, and peel yourself away from the TV, but without having to worry about the weather being so uncomfortable that your good time is ruined.

This has brought a lot of traditional possibilities back to the table. Beyond just enjoying their patios and outdoor seating areas more, outdoor entertainment and everything else you can imagine has made a resurgence.

However, there are a lot of outdoor cooling systems available, and they’re not all made equally.

Right now, high pressure misting systems are booming, and they’re the most popular high-quality options available. Let’s take a look,  and see which one is better, a high pressure misting system vs other outdoor cooling solutions.

The Various Other Outdoor Cooling Options Available

There are several popular outdoor cooling options besides high pressure misting systems. Before you can understand why high pressure misting systems stand well above the competition, you need to have a firm understanding of what else is available and why those options fall behind.

1: Misting Tubing

These are the precursors to high pressure misting systems. In a lot of ways, they’re the same concept, but they’re not nearly as well developed, and they don’t produce worthwhile results.

These are cheap tubing lines that are mounted from awnings or even laid on the ground, and they’re hooked up to your outdoor water supply. Misting nozzles line the tubing pieces, and when you turn the water on, the water flows through and sprays everywhere.

This is the same general concept as a high pressure system, but since the water isn’t pressurized by anything other than your normal water supply, a lot of water is forced out, and your patio tends to get soaked.

The problem with this is not only that it’s uncomfortable to essentially you get rained on, but you also have to worry about your property being destroyed and as slip hazards form.

The benefit of this type of system is it’s cheap.

2: Misting Fans

This is a little more complicated than the traditional misting system we detailed above, and the results are somewhat more acceptable. However, it’s still not optimal, and this solution can ruin your enjoyment of your porch unless you literally just want to sit around.

These are essentially fans that have a water system running into them. They suck in small amounts of water, and the fan blades help disperse that water throughout the air rather than just squirting it everywhere. Some of these fans rotate, and others are static.

This usually doesn’t soak the entire area unless you leave it on for a long period, but it’s still a problem, and these systems can be harmful to electronics that aren’t protected. The water is much thinner and easier to enjoy being in than what traditional systems offer, but it’s still enough to damage a phone or radio. There’s also a lot of noise generated by these systems that can be disruptive.

3: Enclosures with Air Conditioning

This has been a popular way to create an outdoor seating area with climate control for a long time, but at the same time, it defeats the purpose of going outside. By building an enclosure around your patio and inserting a cooling system, you’re essentially just making another room with more natural lighting. You’re not truly getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.

It’s also an expensive solution that requires construction costs, often requires wiring to be run, and generally costs more than any other solution we’ll talk about for lackluster results.

How High Pressure Misting Systems Stand Out

Now that you know about the other solutions that are available, it’s time to talk about high pressure misting systems and how they solve all those problems.

First and foremost, a high pressure misting system is the evolution of the traditional tubing misting systems we mentioned first on our list of alternatives; except, it’s far more effective and reliable.

high-pressure misting system

Rather than just hooking up to your outdoor spout and letting the water supply do all the work, a high pressure misting system implements a pressure system that draws in small amounts of water at a time, puts it under roughly 1000 PSI, and jets it through the tubing and nozzles. Since such a small amount of water is used, it spreads out and evaporates instantly. This provides a cooling effect, but it doesn’t create the risk of destroying your electronics or creating an annoying atmosphere where you’re constantly being hit by water droplets.

The pressurization system isn’t all that sets a high pressure misting system apart, though. The tubing itself is far more complex to make it more durable and reliable for long-term use. The nozzles are also far more advanced. They’re typically a corrosion-resistant metal with ceramic or stainless steel orifices, and they have internal valve that ensures water spreads out into even smaller portions across a much larger area. This helps increase the coverage of the system dramatically.

All in all, a high pressure misting system is nearly silent, uses less energy and water, cools an area more effectively, gets rid of all the annoying aspects of traditional misting systems, and is built to last.

This produces a far better system that, even if it’s slightly more expensive, is much more rugged and reliable with far better results.

Where to Get Your High Pressure Misting System

If you’re in the market for a high pressure misting system, you want to make the investment once and get the best. Subpar systems need repairs more frequently, and we can’t guarantee their effectiveness.

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